Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smells like ketchup!

Catch up.
Get it?!

In the plane! On our way to Fairbanks!
We've been doing a lot of flying lately,
and I hate flying,
but when the trip ends with your father-in-law 
in the Fairbanks airport, 
arms outstretched, 
big smile on his handsome face...
the one hour of turbulence doesn't seem that bad. 

It was cold.
Very, very cold.
A solid negative 26 degrees, cold.
(Though it was in the negative 40's while we were in Belize)
But in the company of family and babies,
you somehow manage.
Sleeping Triston in my arms
Uncle Stephen
Emmett! Such a handsome boy!

The sun rose at about 11:30am, 
though it never really comes up over the trees,
and sets around 3:00pm.
It's hard not to sleep the entire day away,
but the Wall family has always been a "get up and go" one
so we put in lots of time at the Alaska Club
playing tennis, basketball, racquetball...you name it! 
Lots of time walking and sledding, too :)
Stephen and I built some sweet sledding jumps in his front yard! ;)

On the frozen river at -9 degrees watching the sunrise!

One of the best parts about going 
to Fairbanks is going to church!
We love Friends Church
and we love the opportunity to hear Jeff preach. 
He's been doing a series on prayer.
How to pray, when to pray, why to pray...
It was very convicting and very moving...
Made me alter my resolution list for 2012!
A cool thing about this specific Sunday at church?!
It was the first time our 
family has all been together!
A good looking bunch if I do say so myself!
The kids!
The fabulous five!

We spent many a days and nights
reading/studying, baking/cooking, 
eating (lots of eating!),
playing games, 
watching movies (the entire Harry Potter series!),
anxiously awaiting Christmas...
Enjoying being in each other's company :)

We were lucky enough to be around for the annual 
tacky sweater/cookie 
decorating party!
Husband and wife :)
LOVE my nephew!
Weirdos :)

Though I think Stephen won "best cookie"
I'm pretty sure I won "best plate of cookies" ;)

Something I've never done before?!
Visit a firefighter at work!
Stephen's best friend, Sam,
 is captain of one of the 
Fairbanks' fire stations!
How cool is that?!
He basically gets to tell everyone 
what to do all day 
and ride in a big shiny red truck.
Stephen was completely outfitted in gear!
It was pretty cool to see Sam at work :)
Not only are all the gadgets pretty neat,
but it was awesome to see 
how much Sam loves his job!
We're so proud of him :)

Before we knew it, it was Christmas Eve!
One more day 'til presents! ;)

On Christmas Eve, Eve,
Aaron and Rosie, and Jon and Steph had 
dinner and dessert up at the Wall house.
Again with the eating and playing games. 

Christmas Eve morning Stephen 
made us some yummy 
banana chocolate chip pancakes!
We all lounged around in our jammies 
for the better part of the morning, 
then went our separate ways
 to get ready for Christmas Eve service.

Again, another amazing sermon!
Candlelight service at Friends!

We got to enjoy a yummy dinner
 at the Barney's after that :)
Before rushing home to 
FaceTime with my family!
(Hi mom and dad and Ashley!)
Every year on Christmas Eve
my dad reads 
"'Twas the Night Before Christmas
to us. 
It's a book we've had forever 
that uses mice in the illustrations, 
but it's my favorite family tradition.
He read to us over the phone 
and they opened our present to them!

Christmas morning Stephen and I 
stayed snuggled in bed to read 
the Christmas Story (from Luke, I believe) 
and sing Jesus a happy birthday :)
We gave Jeff and Sherri their present, 
which they loved!
And got to work opening the presents 
under the tree from my parents!
Maybe it was because it was 
my first Christmas away from them,
but they went present crazy! :)
We LOVE all our new goodies, though!
So grateful :)

Lucky us, 
Christmas was on a Sunday this year!
More church! :)
In our new get up!
We got to spend more time with the entire Wall clan 
at a yummy turkey dinner!
We scavenged for our stockings
(Santa was tricky and hid them all over the house, 
only leaving little clues!)
swapped presents, 
stuffed our faces,
and said our goodbyes. 
Seriously! We have the sweetest, cutest nephew, EVER!

The next day we hopped on a plane
(four of them)
and found ourselves in Belize 24 hours later. 

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