Thursday, January 19, 2012

three things

Three things I am loving today...
1. Visiting my husband at school. Not for the amazing view from the third floor study room, or for the fact that it reminds me of how happy I am to NOT be in school... But because it makes me all the more proud of him. Seeing him in his, well, "element", reminds me of how hard he's worked to get there and how hard he is continuing to work for this. He's a smart one, that Stephen Wall. And he's all mine. 
2. My new red pants and floppy black hat. Though my outfit did more than stand out in a medical school building... They make me happy.
3. The fact that Stephen remembered something I said. Not that he doesn't do this often. But the little comments I make in the middle of a conversation with no relevance to the current subject at all such as stating, "I want to watch UP", while talking about housing next year in Seattle... They tend to be forgotten and looked over with a furrowed brow and "you're crazy" eyes before continuing talking about the actual subject at hand. Today, however, Stephen remembered the UP comment and it is now on his computer waiting for nightfall. That, I love. 


  1. love your red pants! I am looking for the perfect pair :) Your whole outfit is sooo adorable! so glad I found your blog!

  2. I got mine at American Eagle, though I've been told Pac Sun has a really nice pair... And thank you! :) I don't update it as often as I'd like, but I'm slowly in the works of transitioning it to a fashion/lifestyle blog. We shall see! :)