Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

As a birthday present, Stephen bought tickets to Broadway's Beauty and the Beast way back in November. Whitney also got the tickets as a birthday present from her hubby! And Amanda and Ben didn't want to miss out on the fun, so they went just because :) ...Date night!
As my mother would say, "It was SO fun!" Considering the fact that Stephen lives inside the science building with either a book or cadaver under his nose, we don't get the opportunity to get dressed up and go out much. And oh how I love dressing up! I wore the new fuzzy jacket my mom and dad got me for Christmas. It was a hit :)
The weather was cold, but the play was amazing! We had incredible seats (thanks, husband!) with the perfect view of the stage! Live orchestra, too! The music was beautiful! (Amazing, incredible, perfect... How many different adjectives can Allison use in one post...) (Yes, I just referred to myself in third person) Gaston was my favorite character. Yes, the bad guy. He looked and sounded just like him! Yes, the cartoon. He was hilarious, too! Him and his little comrade, Le Fou, were definitely the hit, cracking the whole audience up. Though they could never take away from Belle and that yellow dress! (If only I could have taken pictures!) Or the "Be Our Guest" scene! Dancing plates and all! I felt like a little kid and a sophisticated adult all in one night! 
Husband did good :)


  1. I absolutely looove broadway plays and beauty and the beast is definitely on my list... I've only seen it on off broadway shows but loved it.

  2. It was amazing! The only Broadway play I'd seen prior was the Lion King, also incredible! Now I've got two under my belt :) You'd love it, I'm sure!