Sunday, January 22, 2012

the week's end.

Compared to the almost daily posts of last week, I've been slacking. We've been spending some quality time with each other and some books...medical and non. To recap our weekend... Friday night was date night, as always. The activities commenced at 8:00, when Stephen got done studying. My choice. Which lead to cookies, counters, and cuddling. I sat on the counter, the two of us decked out in our pj's, while Stephen made our favorite cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip, before we cuddled on the coach watching UP. Very successful evening :)
Yes. I ate all of it. Let's be real. We didn't make cookie dough to make cookies.
Nerding it up.

Saturday brought a lazy, lovely morning. We slept in, read, and snuggled 'til we could no longer avoid medical school studying or grocery shopping. I think I got the better end. We found our way to Barnes and Noble so Stephen could study and I could wander the store and maybe find something to read. Last time we did this I found a baby name book and proceeded to go through the entire thing, A to Z for girls and boys, and write down in my phone each name I liked. No, we're not expecting. No, we're not expecting to be expecting for a long time. But I found it fun :) Stephen just found is scary. This time, though, I stumbled upon "The Hunger Games". I'd seen the movie preview only once, but have heard and seen (via Facebook and Pinterest) all my friends raving about it. They did this for Twilight, too, and that was a trap I did not fall into. Sparkly vampires and desperate little girls are not my thing. The movie preview looked good, though, so I gave it a shot. An hour later and one hundred pages in, I was hooked. It's finished now, reading so diligently that the dishes have been neglected. Which, I guess, is not an extremely rare occurrence in this household. I hate doing dishes. It has left me desperately awaiting the release of the movie, and even more desperately awaiting the release of book two! Twilight had no effect on me but this trap I have fallen into. Head first. 
Handsome husband.

And Sunday. The final day in our weekend before Stephen's crazy learn how to give an ear exam Monday and going back to work Wednesday. We went to church as we do every Sunday. We're beginning to feel more comfortable there and are definitely sure it's where we'll be 'til we move. It's called True North. This week was a little different, and ran a little longer, as he had volunteers get up and introduce themselves sharing a little something about them and their lives. The message today was on moving from proximity to community within a church. It's a smaller church, been around for about three years, and is really interested on getting involved in the community of Anchorage, but we can't do that until we know and trust each other. It was fun to get to meet new people! Lots of gun talk. Welcome to Alaska! After church they were hosting a volleyball game slash time at the local rec center. Once I heard 'volleyball' I knew Stephen was going whether I was with him or not. Now, I do not play volleyball. At all. After one attempt my sophomore year with Stephen and his friends... never again. That boy's got an effect on me, though. Before I knew it I was dressed and we were in the car. Freezing. Again, welcome to Alaska! In about five games I think I only touched the volleyball four times. Once, I caught it. Apparently a big 'no-no' in volleyball. Three times I touched it but not hard enough, or hard enough to hit it out of bounds. But once, just once, it was falling toward my head and not out of instinct to hit the ball but out of instinct to protect my face, I hit the ball... over the net. And then we scored.  It was a big moment for me. The rest of our Sunday has been spent on FaceTime with my family and with my face in that book! It's 8:00 now, though, which means Stephen's study time is coming to a close and I plan on getting in as many snuggles as I can before our busy week approaches.  


  1. I, too love the hunger games however read it about 3 ish years ago.....and you're in's a trilogy and all three books have been released. The last one was released August of 2010. So go to Barnes and noble again and get catching fire.....the second book. Enjoy :)

  2. It was the day after I posted this that I found out all three books are already out! Haha! I didn't know they'd been out so long, though! I had just never heard of them 'til I saw the movie preview and everyone started talking about the first book! Went out and bought the other two books that day :) Already half way through the second one

  3. Haha yeah they are excellent. Read them quite some time ago and am now also reading them aloud with my husband because he wants to read them before the movies come out. And I would like to re read them. So great. Tell me what you think of the final book. A plethora of people didnt love how it ended n such. I however enjoyed it alright. So.... Let me know :)