Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pocatello {part 1}

Getting to Idaho was no small task. First, it was sad to say goodbye to the Wall family knowing next time we see them there will be a new nephew in the mix and James will be 6 months old! Not to mention that we'll have a baby of our own! (A lot will be happening between now and May!) Though the flight from Fairbanks to Seattle was easy, the three hour layover in Seattle turned into an almost 5 hour layover and we were being shuffled on and off planes and doing a lot of sitting and waiting around. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate flying? Once we landed in Boise, we still had a three hour drive to Pocatello to look forward to... But seeing my mom in the airport and getting to talk with her the whole way home made it all worth while :) Grandma and Grandpa met us at the airport, too, even though they wouldn't be making the drive to Pocatello for Christmas for a few more days. Grandpa was giddy over my belly - I love getting to see him so happy and I love that I'm starting to see more of him in my daddy (same nose, same smile... a couple of handsome men if you ask me!) We made it to Pocatello past my dad's bedtime but he had waited up to give us hugs and kisses. Even though it hasn't been my home for awhile, and it never really will be again, there's just something about walking through that door to that smell and to those faces that feels just right...

We spent our first day close to home, wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music, loving on a sick, sweet Harper, making chili for dinner, playing games, and enjoying each other's company. From the outside looking in I'm sure our week in Pocatello looked rather boring and maybe as if we did a whole lot of nothing... Oh, wait! We did do a whole lot of nothing and, oh yeah...! It was AMAZING!

The first few days of our trip I was suffering from some serious back pain. It's been on and off this whole pregnancy and I think all the traveling and changing of beds just did me in. Though back pain is absolutely no fun, it was somewhat comical in our house considering my dad is currently suffering from it as well, and then Grandpa joined the crew and our house was outnumbered in whiners and mopers. It was contagious. 

Friday night my parents got all dolled up for my dad's work Christmas party and as they headed off to that, Stephen and I headed out for dinner - a little Ruby Tuesday date night. Lucky me got treated to a prenatal massage after that from my mom (thank you!). It was seriously, heaven. Stephen and I curled up in bed to a movie that night and I slept fantastic.

We continued to spend most of our time loving on Harper who is getting so big and so smart! At ten months old she's taking small and shaky steps and blabbing all the time! She's got us all wrapped around her finger and enamored with her every move... Who knew I could love a little girl so much? And she's not even mine! Uriah is in for some serious loving...

Running errands with our parents, making Christmas cookies, watching home videos, playing wii, last minute stocking shopping and present wrapping, games, and a good glass of Baileys (not that I would know)... Before we knew it, it was Christmas Eve!

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