Thursday, January 3, 2013

happy 2013

Stephen and I brought in the new year with too many sweets, fun games, and good friends. Truth be told, I'm surprised we made it 'til midnight, but I am so happy that yet another year began with a kiss from my best friend...

On New Year's Day, to celebrate the last day of Stephen's Christmas break, the end of 2012, and the beginning of 2013 (which promises to be a very exciting year!) the two of us enjoyed the sunshine on a walk through the beautiful Washington Arboretum.

That night we treated ourselves to a dessert date night on University Ave. Frozen favorite :)  Over our bowls of yummy goodness we talked about all that had happened in 2012 and all that is planned to happen in 2013. We talked about goals we had set for ourselves last year and ones we wanted to work on this year.

Last year I had set four goals for myself, and am pleased to say that I have made progress on all four of those goals... more or less. See, the things I wanted to improve on, and still want to improve on, I will never be able to master completely. I will never be the perfect wife, the perfect cook, the perfect servant to God... But I can continually try and learn and improve. I can become better at these things, but I will never be able to check them off my list as complete. Which challenges me greatly, because those who know me know how much I love my to-do lists and how even more, I love crossing things off it! But I guess a little challenge is the whole point...

So this year, similar to last, my goals are not to lose x amount of weight or attend x amount of church services... Again, my goals are continual and much broader. In the year 2013 I want to strive to be more intentional. In every aspect of my life. With my time and with my money... as a mother, wife, daughter, friend... in my pursuit of God... I want my life and my relationships to have meaning and purpose.

This resolution runs much deeper than I could write out in a blog post. Not only do I not want to bore you, but I don't quite know how to explain all that I want to accomplish in this new year with this new goal... I do know that much of my desire to become more intentional has stemmed from the overflow of blessings we have received this last year. And to think that our baby boy isn't even here yet, and that it could quite possibly just get better...? I didn't think that could be possible :)

Happy 2013 to you all!

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