Friday, January 25, 2013


I went into the doctor last week for an unplanned visit due to my new best friends, contractions. Two Sundays ago I had started to get them pretty consistently, about every 15 minutes, and even though they were just braxton hicks, meaning they weren't painful, I was told that any contractions in a consistent manner at 34 and a half weeks usually wasn't a good sign. With a few other symptoms thrown into the mix, I had all the signs for preterm labor and they suggested a visit. So in I went! And out I went not too long later with the task of waiting. My very favorite thing to do these days. While I was soft (tmi?) I was not effaced or dilated and baby was where near labor for us! I felt silly going in for no reason, but I had all the signs for preterm labor so my doctor kept trying to reassure me and make me feel better about it...

In again I went this week to the doctor for a scheduled visit. My contractions have eased up in consistency, but are more on the painful side now. It's like your very worst moment of your very worst day of your period. Cramps. It's been almost two weeks, now, and these could go on for another four more?!

Baby is healthy and happy, though, so momma is, too! He's head down, butt and feet in my ribs (all. the. time.) My belly is measuring right on track and I gained a whopping three pounds in one week. Impressive, right?! I've read that your weight slows down, stops, or even goes backward on the scale in the last few weeks of pregnancy but I just might be the exception to that rule. I can't get enough chocolate and sweets! My skin hates me for it, but oh it's just too good!

He is gaining weight right along with me! Somewhere around a half pound a week...?! I have no idea how he's still going to fit in there in four more weeks! I know packing on the pounds equals a healthy baby, but I'm secretly hoping he's not a 9 pounder. Ouch!

I really don't know how he's going to fit, though! My skin is stretched to the max! I officially, and sadly, have stretch marks! :( Granted, they are very, very tiny and are only right above my belly button (which is bruised and popping blood vessels...!) Maybe I'll get lucky and no more will grace my belly with their presence...?

The swelling has hit me, too. Though no one else would think my ankles are swollen, they are. I can tell. And occasionally my wedding ring gets a little tight. I always try and remember to slip it back on before leaving the house, though. People think I'm crazy for being 23 and pregnant, don't need them thinking I'm unmarried, too!

The nesting urge is still in full swing. I have no doubts that it's a real thing, now. My living room has been rearranged, the bathroom cupboards are in perfect order, as is the coat closet and my closet and Stephen's closet... Everything is cleaned and color coordinated, I am constantly doing laundry that doesn't need to be done, the house is decorated for Valentine's Day, the windows are washed, the diaper bag is packed, the couch slipcover has been ironed...?! I have lists everywhere for everything! I thought maybe I'd get bored during this time, not working with no baby, but I am finding plenty of unnecessary things to entertain myself. The best part? I actually feel like I need to do them. Afterwards I can usually see the crazy in it and laugh at myself, but while washing and ironing the shower curtain (yes, the shower curtain!) I am convinced it is a requirement in order to bring the baby home.

With no sigh of baby, though, Stephen and I are heading down to Portland today! My mom is on her way over to the coast so we're meeting in the middle for a couple days to eat and shop and do what best friends do. We also get to see all our college friends, all my aunts, and a few of my cousins tomorrow at my baby shower! (Yes, another one! I am so spoiled!) I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up, and I know Stephen will enjoy the break before heading into a crazy school week next week! Enjoy your weekend, all! I know we will! :)


  1. Gettin close! So are you planning to deliver naturally or epidural? Im really excited for ya! Hope all goes well!

    1. Definitely planning on getting the epidural! I have nothing against doing it naturally (more power to 'ya!) but if being comfortable and somewhat pain free is an option? YES I'm going to take it! :) Haha!

  2. p.s. i nominated you for the liebster award in this post here: