Sunday, January 13, 2013


34 weeks (3 days) down, 6 (ish) to go!

Baby and I got all smiles from our doctor on Wednesday, whom we haven't seen in 6 weeks, but said everything was looking great! My belly is measuring around 32/33 centimeters, so a little small, but not by much! And his heartbeat was pounding away at 150 bpm! I was wishing so badly we could have done an ultrasound just to see him and see how big he's measuring. Not being able to see my babe since I was 18 weeks along has been torture!

I've gained 4 pounds in the last 6 weeks, just shy of the 6 pounds that I was aiming for, or at least what is "expected". I've gained 19 pounds since the start of this pregnancy, and hope to add at least another 6! No, I don't love getting on the scale and seeing numbers I've never seen, but I want a healthy baby with those oh-so-cute thigh rolls, so bring it on!

My newest craving is CHOCOLATE! Anything and everything that's made of the yummy stuff! I've always been a big chocolate girl (something I got from my dad!), but this is my first "got to have it right now or I might freak out" craving. I still continue to love my maple bars and apple slices, but I need chocolate. (Which might explain the cookies in the oven, the piece of chocolate cake on the counter, and the half eaten bag of chocolate chips in the cupboard on Wednesday).

No swelling, no stretch marks, and no sign of baby boy coming early! (Have I mentioned how impatient I am?!) My friends have planned a little shower for me here in Seattle over dinner this coming Friday night, and Stephen and I are making the drive to Portland, OR in a couple weeks to see friends and family at another shower! We sure are blessed :) And we sure are looking forward to celebrating Uriah with everyone!

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