Monday, January 28, 2013

baby shower #3

Stephen and I hit the road on Friday morning and made the straight and easy drive to Portland! We met up with my mom (yay!) and uncle Shawn for some lunch downtown, before dropping Stephen off at our hotel to study (sorry, Stephen!). Mom and I then got a chance to wondered through the mall emptying our wallets. I needed/wanted some items for myself for once baby is here and since I have no idea how to shop for a nursing bra, I was happy indeed to have my mom with me. We met back up with Stephen for dinner and settled in to our hotel for the night, chatting and eating too many brownies (at least I ate too many brownies).
Saturday morning Stephen and I met up with two of his best friends from college that are now living in Portland, John and Joe! We got to meet John's girlfriend, Ashley, and oogle over Renee's engagement ring (good job, Joe!) while eating breakfast and playing with John's new golden retriever puppy (she's to die for!) I know Stephen enjoyed the opportunity to see them and catch up, do a little reminiscing over those fraternity days ;)
We then got to play catch up with two of my best college friends, Erica and Melissa! We headed over to Melissa's house to get some alone time with them before the baby shower started. They had done such a great job setting up and preparing, I was so grateful and so excited to get the party started!

The decorations were perfect (streamers, anyone?! ...Melissa! ;) ) and the goodie bags, or should I say booties, were so cute! My mom had a few fun games planned out and there were plenty of goodies and treats to mow down on. There were also plenty of presents! - All of which I am so thankful for! We couldn't be more prepared for baby Uriah to come, now!

I haven't seen most of my Kappa friends since Stephen and I moved to Alaska in 2011, so that was a real treat! They are such beautiful women, so full of life and laughter. It meant so much to have them at my baby shower after all we'd been through together in college! (Liberty was there when Stephen and I first started dating! She may have helped me set up a Delta Chi hang out or two ;) ) It's a different dynamic being married and pregnant around my college friends (I think I might be the only pregnant lady Dejia's ever known?!) but their love and support means so much! And even though Erica will never read this (or see any of my Instagram posts, Madison!) I wanted to thank her and Melissa for arranging all of this! They make for great hosts and even better best friends :) I don't know what my years in the Kappa Kastle would have looked like without these two, or my relationship with Stephen, or my relationship with God... You both mean so much to me and I am so happy I was able to spend the day with you! Thank you for loving me and my son so much!
And to my family who drove from Prosser, Cheney, and Eugene - It means so much that you would all take the time! I love knowing my son is already so loved! It is always a fun time in your company and I am so happy I was able to share in this day with you! From bridal showers and bachelorette parties to baby showers...! What's next?! ;)

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