Thursday, January 3, 2013


Four weeks until I am full term and seven until his due date! Ahh! Though I know once he's here the time will have seemed to fly by, day by day it is dragging! I have never been a patient person (never!), so this is really starting to test me ;) Of course, it'll be just my luck that he decides to come two weeks late... Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I still haven't had an appointment since the end of November, but according to the scale at my parents house, I've gained 2 pounds since that appointment 5 weeks ago. I'm betting that that's not anywhere near being close to correct and that I'm in for a shock at my appointment next week, but we shall see!

Baby is up to 4 1/2 pounds and at least 17 inches long from head to toes. Somewhere around the size of a honeydew...?! I can't believe he's going to double his weight in the next few weeks!

My back pain is still around, though I'm happy to say it's gotten a little better! It was awful while we were away and traveling, but a prenatal massage (thanks mom!) and back to being on our own mattress seems to have helped, some. It might be that he's moved positions, too. I wish I could see him in there! I'm pretty sure he's head down with his feet tucked up under my left ribs (which are officially bruised!). He's still constantly moving, which I love to feel and see!

He's had a few cases of the hiccups now and I'm sure that's what it is, no more guessing! A couple sessions have lasted much longer than my liking, but it's funny to picture the little sounds he'd be making were he here :)

We've completed our registry and had our first baby shower! He certainly doesn't need any more clothes ;) At least not under the 3 month mark. His newborn and 0-3 month clothes are washed and organized in his drawers, ready to go! We've figured out where everything will fit in our little room (we'll give him a proper nursery when we move and he's no longer sleeping in our room) and I've started organizing the whole house! I was already a pretty clean and organized person, but this nesting urge has kicked in full gear and I can't seem to stop it!

Still, thankfully, no stretch marks or swelling! Hoping these two things don't find their way into this pregnancy ;) But I've still got a few more weeks to go!

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