Friday, October 31, 2014

twenty one months

Twenty one months of Uriah. Of cuddles and laughter and hugs and kisses and tears (from all of us) and memories. Twenty one months. My next update will be coming at you from two years. I'm going to have a two year old... And I am looking forward to the next age with excitement and only slight amounts of fear. Surely it's not going to be totally terrible, right?

Uriah, you are exhausting. Fun and sweet and lovable and cute and FUN, but so very, very exhausting. Truthfully, though, I wouldn't change it. While you are becoming much more opinionated and determined and have perfected the "no" tantrum (which breaks my heart, makes me want to laugh and makes me oh so frustrated all at once) making some of our days together nothing but difficult, you are far more often happy, sweet and easy going.

And when I say 'sweet', I mean sweet. Like, melt my heart, I'm a puddle on the floor, crazy crying mommy emotions, sweet. You love giving kisses and hugs to daddy and I and all your favorite stuffed animals (blankey, too). You read books to your stuffed animals, too! When we're playing together, doing something you really like, you often stop in the middle of it all to sign 'thank you' or 'I love you'. You so sweetly ask for "mo" (more) every night as I'm rocking and singing you to sleep and you can always coerce me into more books before nap time because you want to sit longer with momma in your chair. I mean, come on...!

Even though you're all about the cuddles (every momma's dream!) you are so very much a BOY! Which is a whole new territory for me, but I think I've adapted pretty well. After all, I was the one who taught you to attack ants with sticks. That makes me cool, right? You love being outside - any day, all day, that's where you'd prefer to be! You refuse to wear gloves or a hat and cry every time we put your sweatshirt on, but the cold never seems to bothers you. You love to "go go go" (running), play chase, collect sticks, dig in the dirt, get bugs and play at the playground. Red cheeks are a sign of a good day :)

You're also all about airplanes and cars and helicopters and anything that goes. "Pairpane!" "Cop cop!" You're always looking for them when we're outside and love finding them in your 'I Spy' books (another favorite thing of yours right now!). You're favorite movie is 'Planes Fire and Rescue". We took you to see it in theaters (your first (and only) time!) and you've been talking about it ever since. "Pairpane! Dum! Hot!" That's you (repeatedly) describing that the airplanes dump water on the hot fire. You will tell anyone who listens and I love the intensity on your face when you say it!

Animals. Can't forget the animals! You know a sound or a sign for all of them. Literally, probably all of the animals...! A buffalo? Yep! You've learned most of them from your books, which you love to read. Horses, giraffes and monkeys are probably you're favorite. You take your stuffed penguin, Wink, with you everywhere and have recently adopted a stuffed giraffe to your little party of three (blankey, too, of course. Oh, and Wink has his own blankey he has to sleep with. Maybe a little overboard but it's just so sweet!).

You love to color, brush your teeth, help make the bed (and them jump on it), help with the laundry, drum, play dad's guitar with him, play cook, build towers, play hide-n-go-seek and toss, catch, kick and bump balls. You've recently taking up to lining up your blocks or rings or the magnets on the fridge, something I think you got from me ;) You also love to climb on our tall dining room chairs, on top of the breakfast nook in our kitchen (and then play with the coffee pot!), on the toilet and on the arms of the couch. You are asking for it, mister! You're constantly getting into our nightstand drawers and either going through my bible or trying to plug in dad's helicopter battery (!!!). You're more good than bad, though ;)

You are an incredibly picky eater, another thing you got from me. If I ask you want you want to eat, any time of the day, you will reply "cheeeeeese". It's your favorite! White string cheese only, but not the strings. I told you, picky. You love bagels, but not bread or tortillas. You love yogurt, but only with blueberries and granola. Blueberries are the extent of your fruit intake. You'll only eat crackers when we're out and about. You prefer daddy's cereal over your own. I think meal time is where all my frustration and exhaustion come from. I so wish you would eat more and eat healthier, but 30 pounds doesn't exactly suggest malnourishment ;)

Basically, your dad and I think you're pretty great. We are so excited to give you a sibling play with and who can learn from you, because if I'm being honest, I think you're the smartest almost two year old I've ever met. We are both so proud of you and love showing you off to our family and friends. We are truly honored you are ours. Blessed beyond measure, too. We love you, Uriah!


  1. Oh my goodness he is just the sweetest! They grow up too fast, someone make it stopppp!

    ps catching up on your blog, don't mind me if I just comment on every post! haha

    1. Comment away! I love hearing from you :) And, YES, they do! I know everyone warned us about this when we were pregnant but I'm starting to think I should have listened to them more!