Friday, October 3, 2014

14 weeks

How far along are you? 14 weeks, 2 day

Baby is: the size of a lemon! About 3 inches, 1.5 ounces. With the exception of the intestines (which are still making their way to baby from the umbilical cord) everything is in place! Now grow, baby grow!

Obsessing over: the bump! It was around 14 weeks pregnant with Uriah that I started noticing a bump, but it wasn't until around 22 weeks that the public would be able to guess. This time around, though, at 14 weeks the bump is out and the maternity pants are on! (Which seems a little early and excessive, but all my pants are from Gap with little stretch and a higher waistband, which normally I love!, but trying to sit comfortably in those pants these days is just not worth it) The bump is small, but it's there and I love it!

Favorite moment this week: yesterday morning. It was a good morning with Uriah - he slept in a little and didn't want to run downstairs to eat right away, so we snuggled and read books and took our time getting downstairs where the heat was on and most of the lights were still off and we were eating our breakfast together listening to music... It was the first time I think I could actually picture having two. Uriah in his highchair and a baby in the rocker... I know mornings with two will 9 times out of 10 be absolutely nothing like that, but I could actually see it and feel it and it just made me so ready.

Feeling: tired, per usual, and hungry. I swear, during the hours of 10 am to 3 pm I could eat anything and everything and most days I do.

Working on: names. We've had a girl name lined up since we were first married, long before Stephen was ever ready to have kids ;) but the boy names have been harder this time around. We already used our favorite boy name! Suggestions?!

Thinking about: boy? Girl? Boy? Girl?

Anticipating: my next doctor's appointment. There's not ultrasound scheduled, but I'm so anxious to hear that little heart beat again and be reassured that everything is as it should be.

Currently craving: cereal. I could eat it all day! Which isn't exactly unusual, because I could always eat cereal all day, but it didn't settle well with me for the first 10 weeks, so now that my stomach can handle it again I've been going through boxes fast!

Wishing: that this second trimester brings more energy! While I'm starting to feel so much better, I'm still getting really bogged down come 4 or 5 o'clock and I'd gladly take back my evenings with my boys!

What are you most looking forward to?: these last few months as a family of three. As excited as I am that baby number two is on it's way, that does mean the end of just us and it's a very bitter sweet deal. I am really looking forward to seeing Uriah as a big brother, but I'll gladly keep him as my baby until then.


  1. You look so cute, I'm so happy that I'll get to be around and watch that lil bump grow!

    1. I'm so happy you'll be around to listen to my pregnancy ups and downs! :P Haha!

  2. you are the cutest pregnant girl! i'm so excited for you guys & your new little one :)