Monday, October 27, 2014

our weekend

We had ourselves a busy Saturday! Which lead to a very tired pregnant lady post church on Sunday, but it was worth it :) The WWAMI department provided all the Boise track students and their families passes to The Farmstead - a pumpkin patch in town. It was really crazy generous of them because tickets start at, like, $18 a person and we were granted access to lots of the "extras". We decided to go with our friends, the Heads, before the rest of the group so we could assure a normal lunch and nap time, and even though it was a little chillier than we bargained for, it was a blast! I love watching Uriah and Natalie interact together - Natalie can't go more than a few yards before Uriah starts yelling, "Nat Nat!" wondering where she went. Those two could have spent hours feeding the animals and playing in the corn box. I love getting to play with Natalie, too, though. Stephen and I met Natalie the day she was born and have been so blessed to watch her grow up. We sorta love her parents, too! Thinking about graduation and moving away for residency makes me so proud and excited, but I also dread saying goodbye to these sweet friends of ours... I guess we just have to hang out a lot before that happens, right?!

After lunch and nap, we headed to our church's Harvest Party - a fall/Halloween themed get together out in Eagle on this beautiful horse ranch. They had a bunch of games and prizes for the kids, a dunk tank for our lucky pastor, dinner and a chili cook off (which I entered! ...and didn't win) We love our church community and it was fun to see so many of them outside of church!

Stephen took Uriah to the pool that evening and "had the most fun they've ever had" (paraphrased, but close). We went to church like usually the following morning and got to enjoy an early lunch with some friends at our favorite bagel shop after. The rest of the day was spent lounging, watching movies, running errands and playing outside.

I so cherish these study free, work free weekends with Stephen because I know next year they will be few and far between. Thanks for the perfect weather and the beautiful trees, Boise, and thanks for the company, friends. Looking forward to this Halloween week, now!


  1. sounds like such a perfect day! love days like that!

    1. Ah, it WAS! A much needed perfect day :)