Tuesday, October 7, 2014

taking stock 008

Making: lists. I know we have a long time before baby number two makes its appearance, but with crazy interview season right around the corner and then four weeks in Seattle and then graduation and moving just months after its arrival, I've officially started my "before baby gets here" list. Maybe a little crazy but mostly just excited! 
Cooking: baking. I have three apples left and Stephen has requested another loaf of apple bread! 
Drinking: chocolate milk (with cookie pieces at the bottom, of course). 
Reading: texts from my sister and mom. Our constant group text is such a happy part of my day! 
Wanting: my husband to come home! Even though he's getting home at five or six (I know, I should be so thankful for that - we've dealt with actual late hours before and we have lots more to come in residency) but his last rotation was much more lax and I'm finding the adjustment hard. 
Looking: for Uriah shoes. He's down to one pair and they're not going to fit for much longer! Taking any and all suggestions for brands and/or stores! 
Playing: hide and go seek. It's one of Uriah's favorites and mine, too! I love the look and squeal I get when he finds me (even if I always hide in the same three spots).
Wasting: time. 
Wishing: I knew the gender of this baby. It won't be much longer before we can find out, a month or so, but I am just so anxious. And completely torn between what I am hoping to see on the ultrasound. 
Enjoying: the fact that Freshly Picked commented on my Instagram picture. Is that totally dumb?! Oh well, I got a little twitter pated when I read it, anyway...!
Waiting: for my appointment on Monday. I get so nervous as they approach - it never occurs to me that anything could be wrong until I'm about to find out if it is. 
Liking: all the little "bebe" pumpkins around the house (as Uriah calls them). I've always seen them pop up on Pinterest and Instagram around this time of year and I've just never gone to the store to buy some for myself. But! This year I have one on top of every stack of books, in all different colors, and they make me so happy! Even if it is still 80 degrees out in the afternoon, it looks like fall in here :) 
Wondering: where God's plan will take us. Literally and figuratively. I feel like there is a lot up in the air right now and I'm so excited to see where it all falls. 
Loving: my growing bump! Though I'm not looking forward to getting in a bikini or trying to look cute in Vegas (because maternity pants don't really scream "night club"), I like staring at it in the mirror throughout the day. 
Hoping: I will survive Vegas without my baby boy. Four days, four whole days... I'm sorta dreading it already. 
Marveling: at my husband! The interview offers are really starting to roll in and, while I'm not surprised!, I am just so excited and proud! 
Needing: Uriah to take a long nap. Ok, that should really be "wanting", but he cut his nap short yesterday and it made for a very long afternoon and I am not interested in repeating it. 
Smelling: the dirty dishes. You guys, I hate doing dishes. 
Wearing: one of my favorite shirts/sweatshirts. And it's white, go figure ;)
Following: along with giveaways. My chances are next to none but someone's gotta win, right?!
Noticing: an interest in Jesus. Something has really started to spur my relationship with Him, and while all my advancements in my faith seem to be slow, I think this is going to be a good one. 
Knowing: it's going to be totally crazy and hard but so exciting and worth it. 
Thinking: I should probably take a shower. Or do the dishes. Or vacuum. Or sweep. Or anything other than watch Friends and write this blog post. 
Feeling: a little overwhelmed. 
Bookmarking: shirts for Uriah. He's got some dividend money to spend and he needs some new tops (and shoes, too, yes) but it's so hard to choose! 
Opening: junk mail. How do we get so much junk mail?!
Giggling: over Princess Fiona. But it was more like a "bahhhaha" instead of a cute little giggle. 
Feeling: blessed. 


  1. I stumbled across your blog via the explore page on Instagram and I got so engrossed in it that I read quite a ways back:) I just have to say - you have the most adorable family! I love that you blog so honestly about motherhood and marriage. It's honestly so refreshing to see other ladies embracing the fact that even though not every part of marriage or being a mama is perfect, they're still the best things ever!

    1. They ARE the best things ever! :) And what a compliment to receive - thank you!! It's so easy and tempting to make everyone think my life is a little slice of heaven, but I try to keep it honest, too. So happy you stopped by!