Monday, December 2, 2013


 ^^ Thanks for the glow sticks, Erica! They're his new favorite toy! ^^
 ^^ Always on the move! So hard to get a decent picture these days! ^^

Ten months to me means two months until twelve months, which means I have a one year old?! Uh, time? Slow down! I say it every month, but gosh! These past ten months watching Uriah learn and grow have been so fun, so challenging and so wonderful. We are so blessed to have such a happy, healthy boy - our hearts are full to the brim with pride and joy!

At ten months old Uriah is crawling, standing up on anything and everything, walking along furniture, walking with our fingers, doing hundreds of squats each day, occasionally standing on his own, but always, always on the move! He is so curious and so observant - he wants to touch, hold and eat everything! This apartment has definitely been baby proofed!

Uriah has four teeth, two on top and two on bottom. Just in the last week he has been drooling like crazy, so we're thinking another one isn't too far off. October was a rough teething month for him (and us!) so this short little break was welcomed by all.

Uriah still eats like we starve him - anything and all the time! If he sees it, he needs it. And he won't forget about it if you hide it, either, I've tried! The kid's got a one track mind... Food! Just crawling into the kitchen sets him off! How he doesn't weigh more, I don't understand. He's eating solids three to four times a day and nursing about the same.

He is still wearing size four diapers, nine and twelve month bottoms and twelve month tops. He has been napping extra long these last few days... growth spurt? His legs are still on the shorter side and his torso is long, but he's clinging on to that baby chub in his arms and legs and I don't ever want to see it go!

Uriah's sleep schedule is still off and on - occasionally sleeping through the night, occasionally waking up once or twice. I don't mind getting up with him when I know it's teething pain or a cold keeping him up, but I'll admit it's a lot harder to drag myself out of bed when he's fed and changed and feeling ok ;) Wether he wakes up once in the night or not, he wakes up every morning at 5:30, right as Stephen's alarm is going off. I'll nurse him, he goes back to sleep and I'll spend the next two hours catching up on Pinterest and Instagram, working out, eating breakfast, reading or blogging (like right now). It's a pretty good morning routine for us :)

He is still napping three to four times a day, for at least an hour each nap. Though, more often than not, he's skipping that fourth one. We're always out and about here doing family things, so it's been hard to get him on a good nap schedule, but he seems to be doing ok with all the uncertainty.

Uriah is still babbling, always, and I love to listen to him mumble as he crawls or scream in excitement! He says "dada", "momma" and "nana", though not always directed at us, but usually just apart of his monologue ;) He gives kisses and "loves" and occasional waves and high fives. He is crazy playful and adventurous, but gets shy around new people and buries his head in my neck (which I love!)

Because we haven't been able to take him outside (his favorite place to be!) we've been inside playing with toys a lot more and I've been able to discover which ones he likes best... The kid is going to be a musician! He loves his drum toy (or any surface that can be used as a drum) tapping it with his hand, his spoon, the empty paper towel roll... He loves playing the xylophone and the mini guitar and piano on his walking toy - always throwing his arms and bouncing to the music! He also loves balls - chasing them and watching them be tossed and rolled, though he can't quite do the tossing and rolling himself, yet. Uriah also has two favorite books - Bitty Bear books from my old American Girl Bitty Baby. He pulls them off the shelf, now, and sits flipping through the pages babbling to himself, or will bring one to my lap and smile the entire time I read it to him. Though those are his favorites, anything and everything is a toy to Uriah (water bottles are a favorite non-toy, toy) and it's so fun to watch him discover new things!

Uriah also loves the water! Which, we already knew when we first took him swimming when he was a month and a half old, but he's just loving it more and more as he gets older. Bath time is his favorite and we play in the tub much longer than necessary to get clean. We've also been taking him swimming at the club - he just smiles the whole time, splashing and laughing at everything! One of his favorite games right now is to watch us hide behind a corner and come find us - it's a guaranteed smile and laugh every time. Or being chased! He loves being chased! Stephen will hold him and we'll run circles around the kitchen and living room "getting" each other. His excitement and giggles keep us smiling and laughing and we might be having just as much fun as him, if not more ;)

I can't believe that in two short months he will be one year old... These posts just keep getting longer and longer as he grows - learning and doing so much more. It's so bitter sweet. I love watching him grow and explore - his sweet, playful, loving personality showing through more and more every day. But I never get to have my baby back again? sigh. Bitter sweet. We love you, Uriah Michael. Thanks for being our baby boy and making our lives so full of love and laughter.


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    1. Thank you! I just popped over to your blog - though we didn't struggle with infertility, getting pregnant was completely on God's clock, for us. This little surprise came at a time we weren't expecting, but it has all worked out so perfectly! Everything happens for a reason! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Allison, you have a beautiful baby boy! I'm home for Christmas and was going through old photos and thought what's Allison doing now? Haha. After scouring the Web I find this! a baby! That's wonderful, I'm so glad you are happy and doing well. Well, take care and maybe I will see ya around someday!

    1. I don't know if you'll see this, but, SHAWN! HI!! I think about you and "the good 'ol days" ;) whenever Brennan posts a picture on Instagram! Haha! I'm glad you found my little corner of the Internet! I have a baby! Kinda crazy, no!? But so fun :) And thank you! - We think he's pretty great, too! I'd love to catch up with you via Internet or next time I'm in Pocatello, if that's even where you are...!? I hope all is well for you, Shawn! Thanks for saying hi :)

  3. Well, I will be in poky till the second of January.( don't know if you will be here or not?) If not, send me an email and we can catch up( I don't do all this social networking stuff like ya) haha.