Tuesday, December 3, 2013

all i want for christmas {allison edition}

1. So I know I have too many dresses in my closet already, but can you really ever have too many dresses? Since Uriah was born, the only dresses I've looked at or bought were ones I could nurse in. And while I love a good button down or wrap dress, I have been eyeing these midi skater dresses for months, waiting to be able to justify such a purchase. And now that Uriah's not nursing every hour and a half and eating off our plates while we're out and about instead, well timing couldn't be more perfect! These three dresses are from asos.com

2. Things for the home - pillows and curtains for our bedroom to match our newly painted dresser (because I'm too lazy to make them myself) and an overhead light for the dining room to replace the awful chandelier the house came with. These seem like boring gifts to give, but they're things I want, not necessarily need, so it's hard to justify buying them. The light is from Home Depot and the bedroom accessaries from Target.

3. Booties! A term I had to explain to Stephen ;) I have my fair share of boots, but not one pair of booties, and it's about time I jumped on this band wagon! I love this style and I love that they're so versatile - leggings, jeans, dresses... The perfect addition to any wardrobe. These two I found on Shoedazzle and Famous Footwear.

4. Now, I love my diaper bag. I love it. It has the perfect amount of space and pockets and has been perfectly organized since before Uriah was born. But because I use it for literally everything and take it everywhere, every day, it is slowly starting to fray and crack (because it wasn't $100+ ^^) So I was thinking, I have more than one purse to trade out and switch it up, why not more than one diaper bag? (Petunia Pickle Bottom)

5. Again, do I really need more clothes? No. But do I always want more clothes? Duh! I love these easy, loose tops - so easy to dress up or down and so easy to nurse in. These two are from H&M, but Forever21, Gap and Anthropologie are other favorites of mine.

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  1. The booties are cute! I don't have a pair either, might have to add this onto my list too!