Thursday, December 5, 2013

all i want for christmas {uriah edition}

1. Baby boy is going to be walking soon and he's going to be needing some shoes (to wear outside where he always wants to be!) I know those soft little Carter's shoes are probably the most practical, but how badly do I want these Converse and TOMS for him?! Why is everything so much cuter miniaturized? (Nordstrom)

2. Toys on toys on toys! The kid is already spoiled with toys, but we haven't gotten him any "big boy" toys since we left Boise when he was seven months old. I love the Melissa and Doug brand and these gems from Ikea. If his toys are going to be strewn all about our house, I want them to be cute - hence the wood theme. Blocks, walking toys, trains and cars... Anything boy

3. Really this could be grouped with the last one - more toys! But specifically he loves balls. Different colors and textures and sizes. I love this Battat brand found at Barnes and Noble. (Which also carries great bath toys!)

4. Now I guess these things aren't really for Uriah. He doesn't want these things, I want them for him. (But I guess other than toys, that's how all these things are) He's been sleeping in his crib without a bumper, which has been fine, but I always feel bad when I go upstairs and see his legs sticking out of the rails or him sitting up staring at his binky that's fallen out and to the floor. This plain, soft white one from Amazon would be just perfect! - We're also in need of a baby gate; two of them. He's already mastered the stairs here, but it'll be awhile before he learns how to go down them safely and ours at home are wood - I'm already worried about him on them! A plain white one that actually fastens to the wall (vs held by pressure) is exactly what we need. (Target)

5. More toys! This cutest work bench set is a "big boy" toy, but probably too big for now, maybe more appropriate for his first birthday...? I just thought it was so cute! And again with the wood - this would be set up in our living room most likely and it wouldn't be a terrible eye sore! (Ikea)

6. Uriah has always had a full closet, thanks to Nana! But preparing for the sizes and ages to come could never hurt. He could still use a few more play, casual clothes in 12-18 month sizes (is that really his next size?!), and anything in 18-24 month sizes. My favorite shops for Uriah are H&M and Gap. They are made so well and always fit him so great!

7. Uriah's got the perfect corner in his room, just waiting for a play tent to crawl in and out of! I've seen so many of these around Pinterest - do it yourself tutorials - but I really doubt my artistic craft skills and wouldn't want to ruin one. I love this one from Land of Nod! I know there are cheaper ones out there ;) but I love the modern, bright, simple pattern - something that will look good in any room and be neutral enough for baby boys and girls (which I'm crossing my fingers for someday!) 


  1. Question!! How do you make one of these? I wanted to do one but have no idea how to do it haha. Thanks!! If you want you can email me instead of commenting on here....

    1. just kidding! i found a tutorial i think i can handle! :)

    2. So I'm just now seeing this... oops! Sorry! I don't know how I missed it! But glad you found one that works! I didn't get around to making ones this year - maybe for birthdays?! Haha!