Wednesday, December 4, 2013

all i want for christmas {stephen edition}

1. Dress clothes. Not the funnest gift to give or get for a guy, maybe, but necessary. Stephen has to dress up to the hospital every day, so despite the fact that he thinks he only needs five dress shirts (one for each day, duh) he could really use some more. These pictured are from Gap (because Stephen's clothes have to be special ordered!)

2. The Wall boys have poor circulation. Something Grandpa Jeff passed on to all his boys and now his grand babies. Every morning that Stephen wakes up early to study, he puts on a pair of socks, pulls his sweatpants over his feet, and sits with a blanket over his legs. So maybe boots are more appropriate for the problem on our hands, but a pair of warm, comfy, cozy slippers would be much more appealing, I think. And a pair that he could also wear outside to take out the trash? Perfect. My favorites for Stephen are these Uggs.

3. Stephen and I haven't had a tv since we got married. And while we still don't need one, and wouldn't bother getting cable for it, having a larger screen to watch movies on would be nice. And while this probably isn't the exact tv he'd want - technology is Stephen's department, not mine - you get the idea.

4. Pass the Pigs! Or if you know Stephen, any game, really. We quite often play card games together after Uriah's gone to bed, and he's always pulling out a board game to play when family and friends are over. Even though Stephen is both a sore winner and a sore loser ;) I love playing games with him! I've most recently seen Pass the Pigs at Barnes and Noble and know that they have a great assortment of fun games for everyone.

5. Isn't every man on the hunt for a perfectly thin wallet? Stephen is always complaining about how much room his wallet and phone take up in his pocket. And I remember my dad having the same problem years ago - ended up resorting back to his old one, I think. I found these two on Pinterest and followed them back to their source - Etsy. (Gosh don't you just love the talented crafty people out there?!)

6. Play clothes! Which is probably a term I should save for Uriah, so, casual clothes! Stephen and I both have only a small handful of colors in our wardrobes, his consisting of blue, gray, wine, white and black. (With a few neon bro tanks and board shorts, of course) I love these colors on him - so handsome! And these cozy sweatshirts would be perfect for a casual date, taking Uriah to the park, studying at Starbucks... Again, found from Gap.

*Not pictured: #7. A bike. Because, like the tv, I haven't the slightest idea as to what kind he'd want. I wouldn't even know where to find a picture of one he might like. But he could definitely use one. He's been riding my dad's old heavy metal bike since we moved to Seattle, and while, yes, it gets him to and from the hospital, it relentlessly squeaks the entire way there and isn't made to fit his extra long frame.


  1. Oh how hard it is shopping for the men in our lives! Thanks for the inspiration, all great picks. Look into Kona bikes. I own one and its super light weight and simply designed, a little speedy but worth every penny!

    1. Spendy* but its also speedy haha

    2. Yay, thank you! I'll have to look into them! AND! Stephanie just told me about her friend living in Boise I should meet when we get back....! I only know a few friends living there so I would love to meet you! We get back just after Christmas, we'll have to plan something for January :)

  2. I'd love to meet you and baby Uriah! I've been following your blog for awhile now! It's bookmarked and one of my favorites. Contact me when you're back in Boise! I'm on Facebook and I follow you on Instagram (I swear I'm not crazy lol)