Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy (early) Christmas!

Sundays are always good to us - church, breakfast outings, study time, family time, long naps... and this last Sunday, Christmas! Jon and Stephanie left for California late last night (I know, and they didn't even take us with them!), so the whole Wall clan got together Sunday night to celebrate! The halls were decked and Christmas music was filling the house... After a huge, delicious ham dinner, us and our babe were spoiled rotten with gifts. Truly, we are so blessed! Blessed, even more, by our family's company and love. This last six weeks have been a little weird - when Stephen and I usually come to Alaska, we stay out at the Walls and have all the free time in the world. But this time, we're staying at our own place on the opposite side of town and Stephen is busy all day and on-call all weekends - we haven't had as many opportunities to spend quality time all together as a family. And now that Jon and Steph are gone and we're leaving next week... Well it's not like we didn't already know how much we love this family, but it always becomes more apparent at the end of the trip or in the quiet moments (is there such a thing with four cousins under the age of two?!) of a cozy Christmas night all together. Annnd now I feel the need to burst out in a Christmas carol and end this post with a "and God bless us, every one". Not to worry, I will spare you. But to our family - we have loved this time with you and we loved our Christmas with you and we are so thankful for the sweet, thoughtful gifts. And to all of you - Happy (early) Christmas!


  1. Such sweet photos! Cousins close in age are the absolute best :) I found you from The Wiegands, and I'm glad I did. Gonna go look around some more :)

    1. They really are! Its so fun and cute to watch them interact with each other! Thanks for stopping by! :)