Monday, September 23, 2013

walk the walk

^^ These cuties were all born within 4 months of each other! BF4L ;) ^^
^^ Dancing queens! ^^
^^ The "stroller mafia", as we were called crossing the finish line! ^^
^^ I am just in heaven with this 7 months stage! He has been so sweet & happy these last few weeks - that perfect & adorable personality really starting to show through! ^^
^^ She loves her cousin! - Such a good sharer! ^^

Fit One 5k?! CHECK! On Saturday morning we loaded up the babes and headed down to the Capitol building to walk the walk! This was previously kown as the Women's Fitness Walk/Celebration, and Ashley and I did it almost every September growing up! They just changed the name this year and we bumped ourselves over to the family wave where wheels were allowed. Before taking off, there was lots of music and dancing as we waited and then counted down to the start of every wave's take off. I tell 'ya, these girls are the cutest! Watching them interact with each other was a blast! Uriah loves watching big kids play and he was one lucky dude to be surrounded by such beauties all day! Our wave took off last and we enjoyed the walk up Vista Ave with a view of the city, running and weaving our way through the crowd trying to find empty spaces we could all fit! We were called out at the finish line by the announcer as the "stroller mafia" - may have made us a little proud ;) We sat and enjoyed our finish line food while listening to the dj and announcer on stage, before loading up in buses that took us back downtown. I'm happy Ashley and her friends chose to drive up to Boise to do the walk and I'm so grateful she invited me to join in! Can't wait to be spending more time with those sweet girls AND their gorgeous mommas the next 6 weeks in Pocatello!

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