Thursday, September 12, 2013

forty eight hours

Last weekend, my mother-in-law was able to come to town for a short 48 hours. We hadn't seen her since May, so her visit was a real treat! We miss our Alaska family living all the way down here in the lower 48... She arrived on Friday while Stephen was at work and we hung around the house with Uriah and my dad (who was there on an unexpected road trip stop) eating lunch, making cookies, and chatting. We made it to the park before Uriah's bed time and then stayed up playing games on the living room floor :) Stephen had Saturday off and we started our morning bright and early! We walked through our neighborhood to a coffee shop in Hyde Park before hiking our way up Camelsback hill for a gorgeous view of the city. After showers, morning naps and some grocery shopping, we walked downtown for a late lunch and window shopping. Sherri had never been to Boise so it was fun to show her around! Smoothies for dinner and more games before bed! Stephen headed for work on Sunday morning and Sherri and I took our time getting ready to go shopping. She spoiled her boys with "half birthday presents" and "because I'm grandma presents" - which were all very appreciated and well received :) I took Sherri to the airport with lots of hugs and Uriah kisses. We're excited about the possibility of seeing her and Jeff again next month, and we're very excited to be spending 6 weeks up in Fairbanks with them come November! Thanks for the visit, Sherri! We love you!

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