Friday, September 20, 2013

taking stock 001

Stolen from this blog who stole it from this blog...

Making: memories. 
Cooking: whatever awaits me in my refrigerator. we're leaving in a week and i'm attempting to throw out as little as possible when we do. scrambled eggs for dinner, anyone?
Drinking: chocolate milk, with cookie pieces at the bottom, of course. 
Reading: blogs on blogs on blogs.
Wanting: more time in boise, more time with my husband, more time with a seven month old... more time.
Looking: at pictures of my boys playing in the yard, completely unaware that they are stealing my heart right from my chest. 
Playing: peek-a-boo and patty cake. on the regular.
Wasting: thoughts on comparison.
Sewing: not a thing. though my wish list is a mile long.
Wishing: my husband and babies would be able to know my nana. i think they would really like her. you couldn't help but to. 
Enjoying: having to put a sweater on before going outside. fall, i have been longing for you.
Waiting: for stephen to come biking up our road. uriah in my arms, kicking in excitement, smile on his face... it's the best part of our every day.
Liking: the idea of an easy rotation in pocatello with my family. i'm picturing it quite perfectly...
Wondering: what uriah must think of all this. 
Loving: the deep inhale of breath of excitement that comes just before a big open mouthed smile or giggle. it is amazing how wonderful this world is when seen through the eyes of a baby. 
Hoping: for contentment in the stroller during our saturday morning 5k. i know there's lots of noise and people, sweetie, but momma can't carry you so far.  
Marveling: at this life. i mean, wow. you did good, God. you did good. 
Needing: coffee. warm. preferably pumpkin. 
Smelling: my husband. his t-shirt that fits just perfectly as a night shirt always has just the right amount of stephen scent clinging to the collar. 
Wearing: my hair in a bun. always.
Following: kelle hampton on instagram. her family is beautiful and her view of life is inspiring. 
Noticing: that things aren't always what they seem. 
Knowing: that everything happens for a reason ^^
Thinking: that i've been up for too long to still be in my pajamas, but it's only eight am and technically still pajama time... to change or not to change. 
Feeling: slow.
Bookmarking: baby boy winter coats and swim suits for momma. my mind is in two places at once. 
Opening: a book, to find a note to my sister from her high school boyfriend. thanks for the laugh, alex.
Giggling: over corny pick up lines from my husband. man, do i adore him or what?
Feeling: optimistic. 

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