Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Seven months old!

Uriah has been sitting up for over a month now and can catch himself so easily if he goes to fall over. (So strong!) He is not crawling yet, though trying constantly! He can get just about anywhere by getting to his belly from a sitting position, scooting in a circle and rolling over and over until he reaches his destination - most often a run away toy. He loves standing and can bear all his weight on his legs, though he can't quite balance himself, yet. Almost, though! Every once in a while we can let go and he'll wobble for a few seconds before falling down, but he'll want right back up!

Uriah is eating solids at least once a day now and is such a good eater! - He loves it! We've added green beans, carrots, peaches, cucumber and banana to his menu, though he will suck or snack on whatever we're having at the dinner table, too. He loves food and it is so fun to feed him, but I'm not ready to give up or slow down on the breastfeeding anytime soon, and neither is he. He still nurses about every 3 hours.

Our boy is in 6-9 month clothing (though those are barley fitting!) and size four diapers.

He is finally starting to get his hair back! Yay! He was born with so much dark hair and lost it all around 3 to 4 months - I was happy to have a balding baby no longer. And oh it is just so soft! His hair is slowly starting to get lighter, but I can't tell if it's just this summer sun or if we are really going to have the blonde baby we assumed we'd have!

Uriah usually takes 3-4 naps a day, 45 minutes to 2 hours each. He's hardly ever awake for more than 2 hours at a time and you don't want to see him when he is - crabby pants! He likes his sleep and is such a happy, happy baby when he gets it! He goes down for his naps like a champ and has pretty much got them down to an exact schedule, which makes our days really easy to plan and predict. Over the last month we've gone from 2-5 night time wakings to 2-3. His night time schedule gets thrown off really easily, so that week trip I took to Idaho did another number on our sleep, but we'll get there! (Eventually!) No matter the number of times he gets up in the night, he consistently goes to bed between 6:30-7 and gets up for the day between 6:30-7, just in time to love on dad before he walks out the door.

He has always been, and is still, such an active boy! If he's laying down on his back he's kicking and flailing his arms like crazy, if he's on his tummy he is scooting in circles, if he's sitting he's reaching for something to play with or try and eat, if he's being held he's looking every which way, and no matter what he is babbling, cooing, smiling, laughing, and screaming! He is SO entertaining!

Uriah loves being outside! It doesn't matter if he's sitting on the front porch watching the cars go by, sitting in the grass, being held and pulling leaves off the trees, walking around the neighborhood in the stroller... He loves it! We usually go on at least one walk a day and almost always end up at the park. He could sit in the grass and watch the big kids play for hours! He could also stay in a swing for hours! He is content and all smiles and laughs on that playground!

Uriah has teeth! And ouch they are sharp! I noticed his bottom right one peeking through on August 7th, and by the 19th both his bottom teeth had completely broken skin! He was still pretty upset and showing teething signs through the following week, but just in the last few days he's started to get a little better and I've stopped using/giving all teething remedies and he's happy as can be!

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