Thursday, September 19, 2013

let's eat

Shall we?! Welcome to our dining room and kitchen! These rooms are honestly, and sadly, my least favorite rooms in the house. I don't have enough counter space or a dishwasher, both of which I would give up chocolate for (for like, a day). And that awful chandelier is not my taste. But you should have seen it before we moved in! The gray wall at the back of the breakfast nook was green plaid wallpaper and the floor was an old dirty linoleum. So, it could be worse. And I've tried my best to make it home - plastering the fridge with pictures, hanging cards from friends and family (Actually, friend, singular (Erica!) and my mom. What can I say? They have good taste in cards!), and decorating the shelves with wedding memorabilia. So that is where I make the food and that is where we eat it. I guess there's not much else to say! Hope you enjoyed the mini home tour!


  1. love your dining room. the shelves are adorable and i actually kind of like that chandelier. haha. you can make everything cute, though. i don't know where you people find all this great stuff to decorate with!

    1. The chandelier isn't too awful, it's just not my style ;) Haha! But thank you! All the old books, mason jars and crates around my house are decorations from our wedding.