Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Ybarra

On August 10th, I got to watch my cousin marry the most perfect girl, the best addition to our family! I was so happy to spend the weekend with the Ryan clan and celebrate in the love of these two. Spenser was the closet thing I had to a brother growing up, which makes Hannah my new sister :) These two are unbelievably perfect for each other in every way! They are both so incredibly caring, loving, genuine, goofy, FUN people and I know they will make each other so happy! Their wedding was beautiful - the bride, the location, the decorations, the weather, the smiles on their faces... It was such a fun day and I loved getting to dance the night away with my family! (Missing Stephen like crazy all the while, of course!) Our little family is beyond happy for you, Spenser and Hannah, and we wish you the absolute best! The couple takes off for their honeymoon tomorrow - Enjoy every minute of it, you lovebirds! 

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