Saturday, August 24, 2013

baby boy's room

After receiving family pictures yesterday, I went right to Walgreens and printed pictures! ...For the first time in a year! We finally have prints of Uriah around our house! And I finally have frames hung up! Our walls have been pretty empty since we moved in, so I was excited to get some more of our house completed, feeling more like home. I started with Uriah's room. We didn't have a nursery set up in Seattle because the spare room was Stephen's study and he slept in our room for the first month, anyway, so I was very excited to give him his own space! I've been pinning nursery pins since I was pregnant, and while this room will never make it to a blog (other than my own) or some magazine, I love his attic nursery! It is so cozy up there - it's perfect for him. As he gets older the closet door will be painted with chalk and a teepee/tent will sit over his quilt. We spend our mornings on that quilt digging through his toy basket and we spend our evenings in that chair rocking and reading... So many people helped make this room just perfect for us. Our friends, Ben and Amanda, gave us that rocker, my parents got us his crib, our friend Charlotte made Uriah that beautiful quilt, my Great Aunt Connie crocheted Uriah the blanket draped over the chair, my Aunt Teri made the 'Uriah' banner on his closet door, my friend Melissa made the 'Uriah' sign over the ac unit, my Nana saved and revived the bear on his dresser, I made the mobile over his crib... It may be just a small space in our house, but it means so much to me and I'm so happy it is (finally!) set up and ready for our baby boy to enjoy!

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