Tuesday, April 29, 2014

we're NOT moving!

For the first time since we got married, we're not moving! We are staying in the same town and in the same house for more than ten months! We were married in Oregon and moved to Anchorage exactly a month later. After eight months there, we went from Fairbanks, to California, to Fairbanks, to Delta Junction, to Fairbanks, to Alabama and Florida, to Pocatello, to Roseburg, to Corvallis, to Portland and finally to Seattle. After ten months there, we moved here! And after twelve weeks here, we left for fourteen, so when our one year lease is up, we won't even have been here for a year... Our lives have always been on the go. Our lives have always had known change looming over us. Not bad change, but inevitable change, as most change is. Before we found places in Anchorage and Seattle, we already knew when we'd be leaving, which can make it hard to feel like home. We've always done our best to really settle in and "be all here", but regardless, knowing we're going to be leaving sits in the back of my head like a constant reminder. And now we're not leaving. And honestly, I was a little worried the lack of change will be just as hard to handle as the inevitable change. Am I so used to change, to moving, that I actually enjoy it and look forward to it? Am I going to get bored in the same town and in the same house? I started to get a little disappointed when I realized we were going to stay, even though moving causing so much stress and worry and labor, it's exciting and new and fun. But then I started to look around this house... The living room floor Uriah first walked across. The screen door that slams so loud, but means that Stephen is home for the day, shortly followed by Uriah's squeals of excitement. The kitchen doorway where Uriah sits in his high chair as I cook dinner and dance and sing like a crazy person making him throw his head back in giggles. The little kitchen nook where Stephen and I sit side by side, barely fitting on the bench, eating lunch while watching our newest tv addiction. The attic that Stephen can't stand up in where we sit with Uriah for hours playing catch and reading books. The park that is an exact block away from our house where Uriah went down his first slide. And you know what, I'm not sad at all that we're staying put. I'm not sad at all that this house gets to be our home for one more year. That we get to have more snuggles on the couch in our living room, more family dinners in our dining room, more wrestling matches on the bed in our bedroom. This will be the house Stephen becomes a doctor while living in. This will be the house Uriah turns two in. This may be the first house Uriah has memories of. This may be the house we bring our next baby home to. And I'm not one bit sad about that.

Also, ^^ pictures from our Saturday date night to a WWAMI dinner that turned into a private triple date with our friends ^^ We were the last to leave and I got to hold my hubbies hand the whole walk home laughing until I peed. Literally. It was a great night.


  1. You are rocking those pants! And hurray for not moving! I'm a sucker for staying in the same place but still wanting the adventures of moving somewhere new haha catch 22!

    1. You can't have roots and wings, right?! Haha! We have at least two more moves planned in our future, so I think I'll be thankful for this resting period! And, THANK YOU! :)