Thursday, April 24, 2014

a case of the Mondays

Monday was an actual Monday for me, you know what I mean? As a momma, I don't get weekends off or summers off... but as a plus, I am typically immune to getting "a case of the Mondays" in return. But this week I caught it. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, simple as that. My patience meter was at zero. I just wasn't having it. Not so fortunately for me, neither was Uriah. Maybe it was something in the water...? Mid day, when I was hoping it was 6:00 and I discovered it was only 2:00, I started to feel like I needed to write "go to the bathroom" on my to-do list just so I could cross something off. I felt like I was constantly doing something, but not getting anything done. I gulped my coffee and prayed to Jesus to get me through it! Which He did. I mustered up all of my patience and every last drop of sweetness I had to smile over my fussy child as my husband walked through the door. It is so easy to see him standing there and just loose it - throw a screaming Uriah in his arms and start on the complain train. I often forget that he's had a hard day, too, probably a harder one and a busier one. I forget that he'd probably trade any day at the office to stay home and take Uriah to the park. I tried so hard to remember that as Uriah continued to fuss over his dinner (where did this picky eater come from?!) and Stephen unpacked his bag and got changed. I used Jesus's strength, not my own, to greet him with a smile and a kiss and ask about his day, genuinely, even though I sorta just wanted to cry and throw in the towel (literally and figuratively - I was doing the dishes, which I loathe). But you know what? Monday is over. And in retrospect, it really wasn't that bad. Because when it came down to it, I had a beautiful baby boy with food on his plate (regardless of the fact that he was refusing to eat it) and a hard working husband walking through the door bursting with happiness to see us both. And what could I possibly complain about when those are my circumstances?! Maybe I needed to come down with a case of the Mondays to see that it is easily surmountable ...with a little help from Jesus and the thought that knowing Ice Cream Thursday is just around the corner. (Which is TODAY, people!) Here's to hoping you don't lose it today, and are able to greet your saving grace at the door with a smile! We've all been there, and we've all survived. You will, too, fellow momma!

^^ Disclaimer: These photos were not taken on the Monday discussed above. I don't think I even showered on Monday. They were just sitting in iPhoto waiting to be shared, possible unedited...? I can't even remember. I get ice cream today, guys, that's all I can think about. ^^

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