Sunday, April 6, 2014

taking stock 005

^^ Clearly, my child is not impressed ^^

Making: ideas. Dreams. Plans. Call them what you will, my mind is an open browser with seven tabs up and running.
Cooking: I'm thinking tonight will be chicken something.
Drinking: a cafe vanilla frappuccino, because I'm at Starbucks all. by. myself.
Reading: Psalm 100 - the perfect short reminder that all is well.
Wanting: a pair of saltwaters for myself and the babe. No, Stephen, they're not too girly for our son.
Looking: forward to church!
Playing: "what does the ____ say?!" Is that even a game? Either way, it's my favorite. We've mastered the gorilla, monkey, seal, elephant, lion and crocodile.
Wasting: both time and thoughts - my usual answers for this prompt.
Sewing: a hole in one of Uriah's shirts. (you guys! I was actually able to fill this one out this time!)
Wishing: our family and friends lived closer. I miss them all.
Enjoying: this weekend. Even though Uriah was sorta a pill yesterday morning, the weather has been nice and Stephen has been by my side. Really, I couldn't ask for much more.
Waiting: for my mom to come to town!
Liking: this time in my life. Maybe it's not always ideal or easy, but I just have this feeling that it's going to be good.
Wondering: what the police officer in here is whispering to the ladies behind the counter about. Because I'm curious like a cat. That's why my friends call me 'whiskers'. (That one was for you, Stephen)
Loving: my boys. Always, but this morning especially. My husband practically forced me out the door this morning (after making me pancakes!) so I could get some time alone, and as eager as I was to have this time, leaving was all sorts of difficult when standing on the front porch looking in I see my boys in their jammies reading books and laughing, snuggled on the couch together.
Hoping: to see friends soon. I've missed my little Boise community of mommas.
Marveling: over my husband and this medical school adventure. Driving in the car yesterday I started thinking about graduation next year and I started crying, out of excitement, pride, sadness... I know residency will be a whole new kind of difficult, but the thought of closing the door on this chapter is a nearing reality and I don't think I've quite grasped it.
Needing: honestly? New underwear. Exciting, huh.
Smelling: starbucks, deep breath, and it smells soooo good.
Wearing: glorified pajamas.
Following: JESUS.
Noticing: my baby turning into a toddler. How...? When...?
Knowing: that my habits need to change.
Thinking: "I never should have said that"
Feeling: a little inadequate. Overwhelmed? But, still, ok.
Bookmarking: long, white, boho maxi dresses. Because I think it would be fun to look like a goddess for a day.
Opening: my journal, which has far too many blank pages.
Giggling: over pictures of my child. The first thing I do when I get two minutes by myself? Pull out my phone and start going through yesterday's shots.
Feeling: sleepy, but able.


  1. You are adorable! This dress is so cute! And, your little boy just doing his thing! Love it!
    Happy Sunday!

    1. Way to make my morning! Thank you! :)

  2. You are beautiful!! I love the last picture:)

    Boy, oh {mamas} boys

    1. Thank you! :) He's such a busy body these days and obsessed with balls!