Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Friday Favorites

Another round of favorite blogger/Insta mommies just for you on this Friday! I could have easily made this an "Eight Friday Favorites" post, so be expecting another one soon! I love "getting to know" these women through social media and have been so inspired by all of them! I love reading their posts knowing that I'm not alone in this mom world of dirty diapers and wife life. I hope you enjoy reading them, too!

1. Anne Hill
Originally from Alaska (which is maybe why I like her so much...?!) this graphic designing momma now calls Canada home - and you should see the scenery pictures she posts...! Can I come visit?! And her little man, Eli, is just that, a little man! His dark, handsome, serious eyes will have you drooling! I love reading her monthly updates on their almost one year old (!!!) that she oh so cutely designs herself (momma's got talent!) It seems that her little family is always off on some adventure, and I love that spirit! This is a great post to start with if you're new to her blog (number ten is another reason why I like her so much!) and this one, because, well, you'll see.
Blog: The Hills are Alive
Instagram: @annehilldesign

2. Natalie Jensen
This blonde beauty is that girl in high school that you sorta wanted to hate because she was so pretty and skinny with flawless skin and great style, but you couldn't if you tried because she had a heart of gold and was sweet as a southern belle. Really, though! This inspirational momma hosts "Fit Food Fridays" on her blog where you can find healthy, yummy recipes and a good dose of fitness inspiration! You'll also find loads of pictures of her little man, Copeland, which, do you not agree is the sweetest name?! She does such a good job of writing out her heart, too. Her posts on "Finding My Femininity" and "Mama Overload" were truly spot on - just what every momma is thinking!
Blog: Copeland & co.
Instagram: @nataliedarling21

3. Stephanie Wall
This momma is an extra special one to me because she's my sister-in-law! Momma to two of the most handsome boys (Triston and Skylar - both full of smiles and personality!) and a new puppy parent (I know, she has her hands full!) this beauty is a DIY queen! Sewing, decorating, cooking, crafting of all kinds - she is full of new ideas and creativity! This yogi momma is training for a marathon this fall, and oh, she's also competing in this years Mrs. Alaska America pageant...! No big deal, right?! This is what my in-laws are comparing me to, guys! Don't you feel bad for me?! ;) Her and her husband have a huge heart for the youth of Alaska and are starting up a recovery program for those who have gotten involved in drugs and alcohol, or those just needing some guidance and love from Jesus. It's pretty remarkable! (She's also a must follow on Pinterest!)
Blog: If These Four Walls Could Talk
Instagram: @jonathan_and_stephanie

4. Ali Walker
I have been a follower of Ali's blog for a loooong time. I discovered her blog back when she was hosting more of a fashion blog and posting outfit posts. It has since transitioned into a lifestyle, family blog, but I still love it just as much! I love the way she writes to and about her boys - Jax and Jonah. You can tell she has her hands full, but that her heart is equally so. She's a great photographer, too, and I swoon over the pictures she takes of her little guys! Her pictures and posts always leave me hoping our next one is another boy! Their little family just joined the house owners club and I'm looking forward to seeing sneak peaks! Congratulations to them!
Blog: Life & Us
Instagram: @aliwalker_

5. Meghan Perry
Truthfully, I haven't gotten to know Meghan all too well, yet, but I fell in love with her Instagram feed once I saw her series of Deacon's nap time pictures - so precious! Also, that milk maid braid...?! Jealous! Her blog hasn't been updated in awhile (tisk, tisk, Meghan! Though us mommas know how easy it is to find time to blog...) but it's still worth checking out! She was so great about documenting her pregnancy with her little man and you'll find a slew of amazing DIY posts! She also has her own Etsy shop of hand knitted baby booties, Pleasantly Plump Knits, which you can find here. Seriously, this is one talented momma!
Blog: Pocketful of Pretty
Instagram: @meghanp


  1. That's fun that you follow Ali! I don't know her personally but I went to college with her husband (he was roommates with my cousin) and I've been following her blog for a loooong time as well. Any who!! Small world.

    1. It IS a small world! I've made so many weird connections through this blogging world!

  2. Love this wee round up...follow a couple of these blogs but fab to get introduced to some new ones too!! :)

    1. I want to try and do one of these blogs every few months, because I love getting to know other blogger mommas, too!

  3. Thanks for including me, you're a doll!

    1. Thanks for hosting such a beautiful, fun blog! I've loved following along :)