Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Paper Doll

While I was in Pocatello, pining after my husband in Montana, I volunteered to model for The Paper Doll - a new and used clothing boutique new to my hometown. These two sisters make a great team and were were such a hoot to work with! I love what they're doing - maybe something I aspire to do myself someday...? It is what I went to college for ;) The prices at The Paper Doll are ridiculously low and there is such a variety in style, plus shoes and super fun accessories... It's a must go to for those in the area! Check out their Facebook page and blog to see and read more!

^^ These outfits were styled by cofounder, Whitney Richardson, and photographed by Brooke Richardson Photography ^^

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  1. Thanks for this post! I have been hearing about The Paper Doll... in fact I think most recently my hair dresser Brady was telling me about it? Your pictures are beautiful! Whitney and I were good friends in Jr. High but I haven't seen her forever, now I hope to see her soon, but at least right now I know what she is up to!
    ps. My Macey Jo's 1st birthday photos were taken in that same studio, did you find any red frosting smears? :)