Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a weekend with friends

We only managed to take one lousy self timer picture (and barley that!) of our weekend in Portland with these amazing friends, but trust me, it was a good weekend.

My friendship with Erica started out as a major girl crush in the chapter room of Kappas and slowly, but surely, it grew to love ;) She is one of my most dearest friends - a natural beauty with the hugest heart and a contagious love for Jesus. I am truly grateful for her friendship, and definitely a better person for knowing her. And lucky for Stephen, she's engaged to a pretty great guy! (Lucky for her, too, but now Stephen doesn't have to third wheel it with the two of us anymore so I think he's pretty happy about the arrangement.) I loved getting to know Ryan better over the weekend and am so excited about their upcoming nuptials! (Because that's not weird to say, right?)

We got in Friday night and got to catch up with Erica and Ryan while watching Uriah catch his second wind and kick his soccer ball all over the house. After putting him to bed, Madison and her fiancé (my fiends are finally all getting married!) Tyler came over for game night, or sit around the kitchen and talk, night. Saturday consisted of girls' lunch with some fellow Kappa ladies, boy time for Stephen and Ryan, and a pizza making, actual game playing double date for the four of us. (Though I'm sure no one wants me mentioning how I won both rounds of Apples to Apples...)

We took off Sunday morning as Erica was heading out to church. I, of course, wish we could have stayed longer, talked more, done more... But I am so grateful for the time we had together! You know all those quotes about not seeing a friend for a long time, but when you do it's like nothings changed? Well even though, really, so much has changed, I find that to be absolutely true. I miss getting to see her all the time and talk to her everyday, but knowing that she's always there and will always be my Kappa crush, well that isn't so bad.

Also, we made it to Alabama with a babe who didn't sleep a wink on our two flights. So we're good, but tired :)

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