Thursday, March 20, 2014

a high five

^^ Uriah and his current favorite animal, the gorilla. He's mid pounding his chest in this picture! ^^

The sunshine from the coast followed us home to Boise, and we had no complaints. Just like the ocean, taking Uriah to the zoo was something we were both looking forward to now that he can walk and take it all in. The weather was perfect and the day was pretty picturesque. Uriah preferred to be in our arms more than the stroller so he could point and "gah!" at the animals, but we didn't mind :) I have so cherished these days with Stephen - time as a family of three, study free, are hard to come by, and I'm so grateful that he has had the opportunity to take some time off. Uriah at almost 14 months isn't too bad, either. This kid...I tell 'ya. He is so curious and independent, but still so cuddly and so very much a momma's boy. Everything is all the more fun and exciting now that he's experiencing it for the first time.

It was a good five days at home, just us, playing outside in the sun, chasing soccer balls around and eating leaves. High five, Boise, high five.

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