Tuesday, March 18, 2014

that one time we went to the coast and it wasn't raining

Even though there was sunshiny skies in Corvallis, you always expect to hit clouds and rain before you make it to the coast. And I was prepared, too. I packed Uriah's thicker coat and his hat and gloves for the whole family. It may be a gray and windy place, but the Oregon coast is my favorite place and I wasn't going to let bad weather stop me from seeing it on our way up to Portland. But you guys! We had the air conditioning on the whole way to the coast! Air conditioning! This is totally awesome for two reasons. One, our car actually has air conditioning! (In comparison to Budge, our old car, which we have driven everywhere without it) And, two, it was Oregon! In March! I was shocked, but sent my praise up to God and enjoyed every minute of it! Our visit to the beach was short, but pretty spectacular. We've taken Uriah to the coast twice before, but this was the fist time he was able to actually experience it and enjoy it! And seeing my baby boy giddy over the sand and the waves made my heart swell. That ocean holds a pretty big place in my heart and is home to most of my most special memories, and I loved sharing it with Uriah. We walked up and down the shore kicking around his volleyball, taking too many pictures and videos, perma-smiles on our faces. We could not have asked for a more perfect day, truly.

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