Monday, October 21, 2013

one for the books

It was an undeniably perfect weekend. Simple as that, really. Now, we have plenty of perfect moments around here, perfect afternoons, even a whole perfect day every now and then... But a weekend?! Maybe it's because Stephen hasn't had many weekends off for us to fully enjoy all together, but this one was just, well, perfect! And when I say "perfect" I mean we dealt with plenty of fussy cries and messes and frustrations... Our life is by no means actually perfect. But it's perfect for us. We're not extravagant people and we don't do extravagant things. We don't have much of a social life - we're not exactly social butterflies. Our baby isn't fuss free and our marriage isn't without its stupid fights. But it works for us. This simple, easy, quiet, somewhat weird and messed up, beautiful, wonderful life of ours is well, perfect!

When Stephen got home from work on Friday at 3 (!!!) we enjoyed some family time and play time with Nana before getting ready and taking family pictures. I know, I know, we just took family pictures! (You sound like my husband!) But Uriah is changing so fast and I want so badly to document every stage in his life and ours as a family. Plus, our last pictures were summery and I'm in need of a Christmas card picture, something more fall and wintery. And well, have you ever known me to pass up an opportunity for a photo shoot?!
^^ Actual family pictures to come later, but this is a sneak peak from my phone ^^

On Saturday Stephen and I were itching to get outside in the beautiful fall weather. It was a cloudless sunny sky with the warmest temperatures we've seen in a while. It was gorgeous and well, perfect! ;) We loaded up the stroller and drove out to Cherry Springs for a walk amongst the changing leaves. Uriah snoozed for a bit and Stephen and I walked hand in hand talking and joking and enjoying every minute of it! We got Uriah out to play in the leaves before heading home and he loved it! He's been known to sneak a leaf or two into his mouth when we're not looking, but no choking today, (maybe he learned his lesson last time) just all smiles and laughs. Our sweet babe loves being outside! He may look like me, but he definitely got that love from his daddy!
 ^^ I put on a dance performance for Stephen on the amphitheater stage. Stephen recited a poem ;) ^^
^^ Really?! I mean, really?! ^^

After we put Uriah to bed that night, Stephen and I got dressed up for date night! We went to the Portneuf Valley Brewery downtown and arrived just after a proposal had happened - happiness and love were in the air :) We shared a pretzel and sipped on beers over conversation and laughs. And I'm proud to say, Uriah was not the topic of the night! We love him and yes, I missed him, as I miss him right now (he's just napping in the other room! "mommy emotions" *sigh*) but it was nice to talk to my husband as my husband and not as "daddy". Gosh, I sure do love that man.

On Sunday we left Uriah to play with Papa while Stephen and I went to church. We haven't been able to go since moving here and were looking forward to trying it out! Well we were wrong to be looking forward to it. Is that horrible to say about church?! It was awful. Now that I know is horrible to say about church! It made us tired and bored and depressed. So, we snuck out. And maybe this is a usual occurrence they were trying to prevent because the door was roped off!! We found a back door and made a bee line. It took us half the service to conjure up the courage and we were terrified the pastor was going to call us out and say something! Clearly, we're not people who usually sneak out of church. But it was just. that. awful! And I don't think church should be interesting and intriguing and exciting and "young" in order to go, but when we have no connection to the church community, it makes it harder to relate and take anything away from the sermon. So we bailed. And headed straight for Perkins, the breakfast restaurant down the street from my house that Stephen's been wanting to go to since first visiting my parents' in 2010! All guilt of a church service missed went down with the warm and delicious pumpkin pancakes...

Each morning of our weekend started with playtime by the fireplace, Saturday held the happiest hour for Uriah that I've even known, and Sunday afternoon consisted of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I told you, perfect.

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