Wednesday, October 16, 2013

hump day

 ^^ Long hair, don't care! ...Except I totally do care, because I've been growing it out since, like, 8th grade! ^^
 ^^ Pardon the chipmunk cheeks! This was 2 days post wisdom teeth extraction! ^^
 ^^ I warned him not to do this! I got sick just watching him! ^^
 ^^ How much does my baby look like a little boy?! ^^

This blog post has no other purpose than to share photos of our gorgeous Friday afternoon at the park, and ramble about my indescribable happiness. It doesn't always hit me while experiencing days like these, but gosh, my appreciation and satisfaction with this beautiful life and family of mine just hits me like a wave as I look back over these pictures. I am so grateful, so grateful! How did I get so lucky? So blessed? Why does God see me as deserving of all of this?! I don't stop to question Him too long, but lift up my praises and thanks again and again... Hoping you are filled with this indescribable happiness, as well, and that you are able to find it in the simplest things, like an afternoon at the park... Happy hump day!

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