Tuesday, October 8, 2013

a road trip and a wedding

Crossing the border into Oregon isn't all that exciting because the landscape looks just like what we left behind: flat, bare and dry. Eastern Oregon, I am not a fan of you. But, all of a sudden, at the base of a hill you start to see scattered green trees. It's like a line was drawn on the land and the green only grows on one side. The further up the hill you go, the more trees there are. And, at the top, you're in Western Oregon. An hour later as we were driving into Bend and the greenery and the mountainous, gorgeous views, Stephen and I both found ourselves wondering why we don't live in Oregon... We'll take a weekend in it any chance we get, though! 

Stephen's good college/fraternity friend, Joe, was getting married in Bend this last weekend to his college sweetheart, Renee. Stephen's known them both since he started school at Oregon State, and I got to spend lots of time with them come Stephen's senior year when we started dating. 7 years and some odd months later, they were finally tying the knot! Joe, the most genuine and sincere person, and Renee, the sweetest and most tender hearted (with a large amount of spunk!)... They are perfect for each other and Stephen and I were both so happy to be witness to their special day!

^^ The camera is his favorite toy and served as an excellent distraction while I stood with him 
in the back during the ceremony. Misbehaving at all the wrong times. Thanks, Uriah. 
I didn't get to see much, but got to hear Joe and Renee's beautiful vows and John's excellent...commentary? 
It was a perfect, short and sweet ceremony! ^^
^^ He used a beer bottle as a cold teething ring for the majority of the evening. 
We're good parents, I swear. ^^
^^ Renee dancing with her sweetest grandpa who offered twice to take Uriah home with him. 
"He's probably awful and rotten and you're looking for a way to get rid of him aren't 'ya? 
Well, I tell 'ya, I'm your man!" Grandpas are the best. ^^

The weather was perfect, and I mean perfect. At the most beautiful location with the mountains and the changing trees as a backdrop, they couldn't have picked a better place or day. Due to some last minute changes, their good friend (and our good friend) John was performing the ceremony. Certified online (straight out of a Friends episode, I tell 'ya!), he got to marry two of his best friends! How awesome is that?! It was good to see so many familiar faces, ones we don't get to see often enough. I know Stephen enjoyed catching up and reminiscing with his friends, and we both loved showing off Uriah, who was just 1 month old the last time anyone saw him! (He was also the only babe at the wedding and drew in all sorts of attention!) Renee looked gorgeous and both her and Joe so happy. Their night was full of dancing and laughter and love and I hope it was just perfect for them! We love you two so much and are so excited for the journey you are embarking upon! Marriage is such an incredible adventure and we are looking forward to all that God has in store for you! Congratulations, Joe and Renee!

Ps, to Stephen: I loved our 16 hours in the car talking, singing, pacifier searching, laughing and listening to some good 'ol HP. I'll take a road trip with you, any day!

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