Tuesday, October 8, 2013

life in pocatello

A little Instagram look into our life in Pocatello...

We've been here for a week now - one down, five to go! (Not that I'm counting down, excited and ready to leave, on the contrary, actually!) We're living in my parent's basement (and are so grateful they're letting us do so!); it's set up like an apartment and is perfect for our little six week stay. Stephen made an easy adjustment to the hospital here and into his Psych rotation. His schedule is a little lighter and much more predictable, which has been appreciated by us all! We've had lots more Stephen time and he's had lots more study time. I've been spending my days playing with Uriah, babysitting Harper, visiting Ashley at her daycare, and running errands with my momma. Not too bed, eh?! I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow (something I've been putting off until I've had a live in nanny to take care of my babe and me while the hubs is at work - thanks mom!) and am dreading the procedure oh so very, very much. I'm going to be fitting in a full schedule today, trying to get necessary things and fun things done before my week is ruined! Wish me luck!

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