Tuesday, July 16, 2013

parents and paddle boarding

Our first weekend here, my parents and sister made the drive up from Pocatello to see us in our new house. Though the three hour drive took them five (thanks, Harper!) and dinner was cold when they finally got in, I was very happy to see them! Harper is changing far too fast for my liking and I hate that I'm not always around to watch her grow, but I'm excited about the opportunities to see her more now that we're living so much closer! Gosh she's just so dang cute!

On Saturday morning we met up with my family at my Grandparent's house where they were staying. We had breakfast together, put the babes down for their morning naps, and I headed out with my dad and Stephen to buy us a couch! No more ugliest loveseat from Anchorage! Yay! We loaded up our new aviator brown leather couch (!!!) and met back up with mom and Ashley to feed the babes and do some relaxing. We then drove over to Caldwell (where I was born) to spend the afternoon with our childhood best friends - the Favillos. Brooke is here on summer vacation from college, Kristin finishes nursing school in December, just before getting married and moving to Chicago, and Janice and Gino had the day off - they're a busy family and it's hard to catch them all in the same room at the same time so I was very glad to see them! Brooke and Gino got to meet Uriah for the first time, and of course everyone loved watching Harper play and babble, it'd been a long time since they'd seen her and just as everyone always is, were so impressed with how smart she is! After lunch with them we drove into Boise to deliver our couch and hit the water (the only event of our weekend that I got pictures of). My parent's bought their paddle boards last fall and pretty much always have them in their car in case they drive by water. I've been three times with them, now, and it's always fun. (Though, last time I was attempting to show up Stephen with my yoga moves... on an inflatable paddle board... annnnd I fell in. Not so much fun. Stephen always chooses to jump in on his own, crazy boy.) It was a beautiful evening on the dock with perfectly clear and steady water. Harper went out with papa and momma a few times and did so good! I think she really liked it. And I LOVE her in that life jacket! We parted ways that night to meet back up on Sunday for a walk to Hyde Park for lunch and a trip to Target (because how can you not go to Target?) My family left before dinner time and it, thankfully, didn't take them five hours to get back home. Stephen and I enjoyed the rest of the evening with our family of three, soaking up all the Stephen would could get before he started school ...work? (Seriously, I don't know what to call it!) the next morning.

Thank you for coming to town, family! We loved seeing you as always and love that we'll get the opportunity to do it so much more, now. Thanks for your help in getting our couch and fixing our couch, dad, and thanks for loving us and our baby boy so much, all of you!

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