Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Boise Fourth of July

Stephen didn't have to start school I don't really know what to call it and his new crazy busy schedule deserves a whole post of its own to explain... But, either way, he didn't have to be there until Monday so we had one whole week to explore Boise and spend time as a family. We live in the most perfect neighborhood for walks - three different parks within 6 blocks, the Boise Co-op one street over, Hyde Park shopping district a five minutes walk away (restaurants, antique shops, ice cream parlors, coffee shops...), and two blocks away from downtown (the Capitol building, shopping, dining...) We had so much fun figuring our way around Boise, Uriah in the stroller, Stephen and I hand in hand.

For the Fourth of July we got dressed up in our red, white and blue and headed downtown to watch the Boise parade.  It has been hot, hot, hot in Boise and the 4th was no exception. Searching for shade everywhere we went, we wandered through downtown stopping for a hamburger and frozen yogurt, past the fountain and to the capitol building, where we laid under a tree with our sleeping babe.

We spent the rest of the day hiding from the heat in our house, continuing to set up our home. Before sunset we ventured out again, past all our bedtimes, up the hill at Camel's Back Park. We had an incredible view of all of Boise and the surrounding towns. When the fireworks started you could see them from all over - we got to watch multiple firework shows at the same time! And it was beautiful! And fun :) I loved our 4th of July in our new home, in our new town...

I am so honored to live here in America, and so humbled by the men and women who give up their lives to defend it. We are truly blessed and I am truly grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you... A belated Happy 4th to you all!

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