Sunday, July 14, 2013


Our little man is 5 months old, now. He's starting to grow up and not so much out...finally ;) Though those rolls are still ever so present and wonderful! He is rolling over constantly and trying so hard to go somewhere - kicking and moving his arms. He refuses to roll back onto his back, though, even though he's done it before... He is always in a crunch position, trying as hard as he can to sit up and he is so close to doing it on his own! He loves sitting up in our laps and looking around from a new position. He also loves standing and is bearing more and more weight on his legs, occasionally being able to balance on his own. He is smiling and laughing all the time at everyone and everything. He is truly a happy, happy boy! He is starting to go longer between feedings, 2-3 hours instead of 1 1/2 to 2. And that little extra time is very cherished ;) He hasn't had solids yet but is staring, grabbing, drooling, and chomping his gums every time we are around food. Since our Alaska vacation his sleep schedule has been turned upside down and we haven't made our way back to normal, but I'm hoping that since we're here and settled things will start to improve. He is a champ at going down for naps, though! He loves to lay in his crib and babble and play for ten (ish) minutes before falling asleep on his own. He does this in the morning, too - a very happy noise to wake up to :)

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