Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moving day!

It came all too fast, yet I'd been waiting for it and knew it was coming since the day we moved in... This was our most bitter sweet move, yet. We loved living in Seattle - we had an apartment in the most perfect location for us, and we were never at a loss of something to do or somewhere to go. It was new to both of us and we got to experience and explore it together. We brought our baby home to that apartment - that was Uriah's first home... He experienced so many firsts on that living room floor... Yet we have so many friends and family living in Boise. It is also an entertaining city with so much to do indoors and out. We get to be closer to my family in Pocatello and share so much more with them. Uriah will say his first words here, take his first steps here... Bitter sweet. 

We loaded up our giant Penske truck we shared with our fellow WWAMI friends on Sunday and hit the road early Monday morning. Dallin leading the caravan in the truck, Whitney and I with the babes in their car, and Stephen bringing up the rear in our car... with no air conditioning in the 109 degree heat... Bless his heart. A half hour into the drive and we were pulled over on the side of the road with truck trouble. This occurred more than once and became very disheartening very quickly. We wanted to get to Boise! But a couple hours and a few stops later, we were fixed and on the road for good. I loved the time in the car with Whitney - much needed girl time and a lot of entertaining the kiddos. And alas, we arrived! We were each seeing our homes for the first time and were very eager and excited!

And now we're here! Moved in and getting used to things. Which has been easy and enjoyable... I really feel this will be a good move for us. We have so much to look forward to here in Boise and we get to do it together, the very best part.

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