Wednesday, September 23, 2015

six months

Size: Ezra is in size 4 diapers wearing 6-12 month clothes (3-6 month dresses as shirts and some 12-18 month leggings - they're too long but those chubby thighs of hers require some extra room and stretch and all girls' bottoms seem to be "skinny"...?!) She is 20 pounds, in the 96th percentile for weight, and 27 inches, in the 91st percentile for height - my left arm gets a goooood workout every time she wants to be held and rocked! 

Eat: Girl is still all momma's milk! And I'm dang proud I made every ounce of that chub! She's super interested in our food and I've given her whole wheat cereal just a handful of times now, but she's still spitting more out than she's swallowing. I think maybe today I'll actually steam up some veggies and throw them in the blender for her!

Teeth: No teeth, for now. She's got everything but the teeth, though! She's drooling all the time, like crazy!, is always chewing on something, pulls at her ears, runs her tongue over her gums and you can see white under her red, swollen gums (on the bottom). Any day now! Hopefully! 

Sleep: We're back to sleeping through the night 'round here! Hallelujah! After giving her some time to figure it out herself, we decided to start "sleep training" her when she was still waking up twice a night. The night we planned to start letting her cry it out, she slept through the night! It was like she knew! ;) She's slept through the night since and we're all grateful for the extra Zz's. Ezra is taking 3-4 naps a day - waking at 6:30, going down for her first nap (in her crib) around 8, sleeping for about two hours - usually gets an on-the-go cat nap in (in her carseat, carrier or stroller) around noon, sleeping for just a half hour or so - goes down for her afternoon nap (in our bed) around 1, sleeping for two hours - and is desperately ready for a nap come 5, but fights it tooth and nail every day. If she gives in and sleeps, it's in her crib for no longer than an hour and she goes down for bed (in the pack 'n play in the living room) around 7:30. If she doesn't take her evening nap she is fast asleep no matter the ruckus going on at 7. Her sleep schedule is becoming more and more routine and predictable, which is so nice!, but she's also such a champ when it comes to being flexible. Also, she wakes up the happiest baby, ever! All kicks and smiles and giggles! 

Movement: Ezra is sitting! Just a few days after turning five months old (8.29.15) she started sitting up for much longer periods of time and is now doing it on the regular! Ezra is still rolling every which way, all the time, and is just days away from crawling! She's always up on her hands and knees rocking back and forth but always ends up going backwards - which she's figured out! So now, when she finds something she wants, she rolls a couple times until she's 180 degrees from it, and scoots herself backwards! It's so funny and sweet, but so sad because she's winning and crying the whole time - all she wants to be doing is crawling and she just can't figure it out, yet! Soon, though! Which is crazy to me because Uriah didn't crawl until he was almost nine months! "They" say the second child tends to crawl and walk later than the first, probably because the older sibling is willing to get them the item they're in search of, but Uriah isn't offering to get Ezra the toy she's after or bring his playtime activity to her (though he'd be happy to if I asked, it just doesn't naturally cross his radar) so she's desperate to get it herself! Does crawling early mean she's going to be walking early though? Because I'm not ready for a nine month old walker! Stay my little baby for as long as possible, ok?!

Likes: Ezra likes to be where the people are - she loves listening to us talk and watching us play, which means she's usually content to sit in the living room with a toy while Uriah plays and I do housework (it's a win for every one!) She loves attention - people smiling, talking and playing with her - she's got the biggest smile that makes her eyes disappear and she'll give it to anyone who glances in her direction! She loves being outside - on a blanket, in the carrier or the stroller - I think she likes the breeze, bright colors and noises. She loves things that aren't toys - the wipe container, anything from the kitchen counter, her diapers, the laundry basket - though she loves her toys just as much - specifically her Sophie, her soft page book and a vibrating bird car seat attachment (though she'd probably prefer to get her hands on Uriah's Legos or card games). She also likes tickle time, "chase Uriah", bouncing on my knee, bath time, stuffed animals and singing songs to her (especially ones that involve clapping like "Patty Cake" and "Three Little Monkey's"). 

Dislikes: Not being able to crawl! That, bedtime and dinner time are the only things that will make her cry! 

Things I want to remember: Her constant scrunched nose and pursed lips breathing oh so heavily when she's excited, her screech of a giggle, the way she's constantly spitting and blowing her lips and her neck rolls and thigh rolls that collect who knows what and have to be cleaned out regularly. 

Her hair is still blonde as blonde can be and is getting longer in the front. It's so soft and fuzzy and it's my favorite when it's dried after a bath - sticks straight up!

She still makes you work for her laughs - a good tickle session, pretending to eat her toes, "chase Uriah" or Uriah's singing and dancing are your best bets to hear that screechy little giggle! 

She'll happily sit on your lap and read a book with you, which just makes me realize how older/bigger she's getting!

Ezra girl, these last 6 months with you have been a dream! You are honestly such a sweet, peaceful, happy light in our lives and we are so blessed to have you! I have loved watching you grow and learn and am in awe of how much you've changed since your birth day. Time is such a thief and such a gift. Thank you, Jesus, for this perfect soul! We are eternally grateful for each day with our baby girl! 

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