Thursday, September 3, 2015

"I just two"

You are two. If I tell you you're two and a half, you correct me and say, "no momma, I just two." And I'm ok with pretending you're not any closer to turning three, so we're on the same page.

The list of things you know and understand these days would take me forever to type out and I don't know that blogger can even hold such a long post (it can, of course, but I'm using exaggeration to brag, but only slightly because honestly, you're really freaking smart). You know your colors, shapes, numbers (because I don't want to forget: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18) alphabet (also worth remembering: A, B, C, E, Q, R, S, 2, V, V, W, Y, Z) all the animals (yes, literally, all) and their appropriate noises, all the best superheroes, the ingredients for pancakes and smoothies, every sport in the book, plus the random stuff dad teaches you like, eggs have protein in them and you can only see it with a microscope but it helps you grow and get big and strong. We like to teach you the important things.

You are adding new words to your vocabulary every day and to think of you just six months ago, it blows my mind how much you've learned so quickly. You are constantly amazing me with your thought process - going through multiple thoughts/ideas, continuing them out in long sentences, using time frames and cause and effect... I so often forget that I'm talking to my toddler when I find myself talking about such ordinary, "adult" or advanced things. Like, I'm pretty sure you're the only two year old I know that could explain, in depth, the life of a honey bee and the dynamics of the hive. You're just so curious! And you ask SO MANY QUESTIONS! (Every toddler mom just gave me a virtual high five) It never ends. "Why does green mean go", "what is that building for", "why do cars get in car crashes", "why do grizzly bears have humps on their backs", "why did you and dad get married" is NON STOP, kid. I can only answer your questions legitimately for so long before I give up and reply with a solid "because!" or "because that's the way God made it". It's crazy what you take in, understand and remember, though. I'll answer your questions honestly and as scientifically as I can (though more often than not I say we should probably just ask dad) and though in the moment I feel like I'm just answering your question in hopes of making you be quiet (!!!), you're learning. And I am so very proud of all that you know and your innate interest to learn - you're such an inquisitive, curious, smart kid, Uriah, and it is a joy (an exhausting joy!) to be the one to teach you these things and to witness your mind grow and expand.

You currently love: playing! If I ever ask you, "Hey Uriah, what do you want to do today?" you always respond with, "play!" And what a great answer! Go-fish is your first choice every time, followed closely by "hide the superheroes". You like to play slapjack, hide-n-seek, Legos (you feel pretty cool that dad "gave" you all his old Lego sets from when he was a "kid"), planes and firetrucks (you're really into firetrucks right now - every time you hear a siren, "mom I think it's a firetruck!) and blocks (aka, I build aliens out of blocks and you come out and shoot them). You love fighting on the bed with dad, flying his helicopter with him, making popcorn with him... basically, anything with dad! You told me this morning, "I like going on little walks to the park with dad best". You are always asking to be tickled and/or chased. You are reeeaallly into "pretend" and I love watching your imagination work! Dinosaurs are still a big hit with you and your dino knowledge is seriously impressive! T-rex is your favorite, but you know so many of them (their actual scientific names!) and what they eat and what they do. You love swimming, playing at the beach (though heaven forbid the water touches your foot), going to the park and every kind of ball!

You love helping us in the kitchen and I've discovered you eat so much better if you help prepare the meal, but trying to get you to eat anything other than bread and cheese is still pretty difficult! You will take one bite of your meat and declare "really yummy!" but will refuse to eat any more. Same goes for anything green. You always ask us before taking a bite of anything new, "really good?" (said with a scrunched nose and squinty eyes). You then have to repeat it a few times as if you're trying to talk yourself in to it. Gosh I just wish you'd eat what we give you but man is it cute!

You're a huge dude. You were 37 pounds at two, so I'm guessing you're nearing 40 (!!!). You're over three feet tall, too, and according to you, a couple inches taller after every nap (you walk out of your room showing off your muscles to prove that you slept (because we tell you you'll only get bigger while sleeping!)) You're wearing 3-4T clothes and are hanging on to those wrist and thigh creases - barely! You are potty trained (!!!) and sleeping in a big boy bed (though we are still working on getting you to sleep through the night! Take a page out of your sister's book, will 'ya?!)

Though I knew there was no way to avoid it with me being your mom and your dad being your dad, it still catches me off guard just how weird you are! You are so silly and goofy and have so many quirks! And they might just be my favorite things about you! Like the way you walk around the house shaking/shimmying your arms and shoulders. Your dance face! The private rock concerts we get with your pillow guitar. The way you squint your eyes and whisper when you're suggesting we eat something like ice cream or popcorn. The way you "flash" your fingers when you're excitedly trying to tell me something but can't get the words out fast enough, like you are on the verge of bursting!

You take blankey with you everywhere and often say, as you're squeezing him in your arms, "I hold blankey so tight, I love blankey so much". You say "I love you, too" when someone says it to you, give out "biiiiiig kisses", worry when I cry and soothe your sister when she fusses. Your sweet, loving spirit is so infectious!

Everything is still new to you and I can't imagine how exciting and fun that would be, but also intimidating, scary and frustrating. So I get it. On the long, hard days - I get it. You have so much to process and learn and take in and feel and only know so many ways to expel that energy and communicate your feelings. People call it the "terrible twos", you know. And it has been hard, but the thing is, there's some "hard" in every age/stage. So it's not that the twos are terrible, not exclusively. They're tiring. Mentally, physically and emotionally tiring. For both of us. So, I get it.

And it's not just the bad days. Yes, the unsolicited crying and the screaming and the endless disobedience and the horrific public displays of "I hate my life and my mom" (thanks for those, by the way) are tiring, but the running and the laughing and the chasing and the tickling and the games and the toys and the smiles... It is all SO GOOD, but it's also so tiring, too. Your energy level never ends. Even as you're laying down for bed at night you're flopping around under the covers! But man, I wouldn't trade this. Any of it. And I would do it again and again, over and over. Being your momma and staying home with you has been a true gift, an absolute joy and a major blessing.

When I ask you what you want to be when you grow up you say, "like dad". And I truly hope you are, son. I pray that you are a honorable, humble, loving man of God. I pray so much for you and your life - so much happiness and safety and health and fun and adventure... But more than anything I pray that you know you are loved by Jesus and not just know about Him but know Him. God gave us the best gift when we gave us you and I thank Him for you every day - for your sweet, spirited soul.

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