Sunday, May 4, 2014

taking stock 006

Making: plans for mother's day weekend with my mother-in-law. 
Cooking: eggs for my boys.
Drinking: chocolate milk. with cookie pieces in the bottom, of course. 
Reading: my bible.
Wanting: some fresh flowers for the house. 
Looking: forward to spending a week at the coast with my family next month. 
Playing: games with my husband once the sun goes down. 
Wasting: time on instagram. because I think I'm a slight addict. 
Wishing: someone else would paint Uriah's dresser. 
Enjoying: this crazy beautiful weather. 
Waiting: for baby to wake up. 
Liking: Uriah's vocabulary. 
Wondering: where residency will take us. 
Loving: weekends with my little family. 
Hoping: this itchy, ugly allergic reaction on my legs disappears. and soon. 
Marveling: at this life I am living. this town, this house, this family of mine...
Needing: another cookie. ok, that should be "wanting". I need to be doing the dishes. 
Smelling: fresh air and warm cinnamon, vanilla candles. 
Wearing: dresses and skirts. 
Following: my gut. 
Noticing: a stronger, more flexible body. 
Knowing: I am loved. 
Thinking: too much. 
Feeling: content. 
Bookmarking: summer salad recipes. because it's that time of year. 
Opening: pinterest tabs. spring has really made me want to redecorate and rearrange. 
Giggling: over pictures of Uriah. 
Feeling: happy. 

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