Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hulls Gulch on a Saturday

Saturday started our three day weekend with Stephen - no hospital, no scrubs (though there were still some books and coffee study sessions) We opted to celebrate with a hike! We've been wanting a baby backpack since last summer and finally got one. About dang time, too! Uriah weighs so much, I don't know how much longer Stephen will be able to lug him around! We haven't done much exploring Boise, at least not outside of our neighborhood, downtown and the parks. We decided on the most popular Boise hike, (according to Google) Hulls Gulch. It's only a few minute drive from our house and offered just enough incline to get a little workout without leaving me gasping for air ;) Stephen and I did a lot of hiking when we lived in Oregon, and honestly, nothing will ever beat that for me. The rivers and lakes that you find off the trail, all the greens and trees and flowers... No offense, Boise, but you will never top that! For Idaho, though, the hike was beautiful. There was a great view of the city, and I personally love the smell of sage brush. Uriah couldn't have cared either way, though. It took him a little while to get used to the backpack, and I may have bribed him with muffins, but eventually he settled in. We stopped at our halfway point and let him play in the grasses and rocks, which was easily the best part of the hike for all three of us. Uriah loves being outside and is all about finding sticks and pinecones, collecting them one by one and bringing them to us like he's found a hidden treasure. And they are little treasures. Each piece of bark and grass put in my hand by his tiny fingers means so much to me. He is my little boy... (I could easily get extremely sentimental and mushy here, but I will spare you the proud momma comments and happy tears and just say I love that little human (oh and his dad...!) and we had an amazing Saturday together. The end.)

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