Tuesday, January 7, 2014

we're back!

We've been back in Boise for over a week now, but I actually feel back, now. Family is gone, events are over, we are unpacked, our house is clean, and Stephen started his Pediatric rotation yesterday - our lives are starting to settle back down into normalcy, and I'm quite happy about it. Being gone for 13 weeks took a toll on me. I missed our home and our town and our things and our schedule... I'm so happy for the opportunity we had to travel and spend so much time with family, but gosh it feels good to be home!

I feel as though so much has happened between my last post and now - Christmas, traveling, another Christmas, a wedding, a birthday, New Years, play dates... I had blog plans to fill you in on each and every event individually, pictures and pictures and memories and anecdotes, but just the thought of doing so is a little draining to me, now. Why rewind when the whole point of a new year is to start over?! So, let's just say this, we are blessed.

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