Friday, January 31, 2014


So we made it - twelve blog posts, twelve months. Fifty two weeks. Three hundred and sixty five days. Eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty hours. ONE YEAR.

At one year old, Uriah is walking! Everywhere, all the time! He is standing up on his own, too, and occasionally running...?! When did he get so big?!

Uriah is 21 pounds (just 2 ounces up from his weight at 7 months, but we've been assured he's still very healthy!), in the 61%, and is 2 feet 6 inches tall, in the 62%. He is in size four diapers and 6/9-12 month clothes. He still has a few 6-9 month pants in his closet and some of his 12-18 months clothes fit with the sleeves or legs rolled up.

Uriah has five teeth with another one coming in! He's been teething for the last month or so, but has been taking it like a champ! There's been an excess of drool, a stuffy nose, some fussiness and tears and lots of fingers in the mouth, but this round of teething hasn't been too bad.

Uriah is off the binki! With the exceptions of naps and nighttime... I wasn't in a big hurry to get him off the habit, but I knew it would get harder as he got older, and it just sorta happened. Stephen and I decided to hide them one day, because for Uriah, if he saw it, he wanted it. For us, too, if it was there and he was fussy, sure, why not? He was teething and sick at the time, so he fussed whether he had the pacifier or not, so it was kinda imperfect, perfect timing! It just took one day and he stopped looking for.

He is eating solids four times a day, occasionally a fifth. This round of teething has left him a little pickier, he prefers cold food and nothing he has to chew too much. He loves to feed himself, and even though he makes a giant mess, I love letting him do it! Both so he can learn, but it's just so cute to watch him! He always offers to share, too! Bread of any kind is still his favorite. Uriah is still nursing twice in the morning, before bed, and a time or two during the day after his naps. I think it's mostly for comfort at this point, but I don't mind - I love my quiet one on one time with him! And when he falls asleep in my arms?! It's the best!

Uriah is (for the most part) sleeping through the night! He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 every night and we don't hear from him until 5:30, when Stephen's alarm goes off. If he does wake up in the middle of the night, I no longer go up to rock or nurse him and he usually isn't awake for long. I'll nurse him when he gets up and put him back down until around 7 in the morning. It's an early wake up call for me, but I wake up when Stephen's alarm goes off, anyway, and I like that I get to get some stuff done around the house or for myself before Uriah's up.

He is taking three naps a day, occasionally two. His morning nap last an hour, 9-10, his afternoon nap lasts and hour and a half to two hours, 12-2 (ish), and his evening nap lasts an hour, 4-5. He's pretty flexible in his nap schedule, which is nice, though I try to keep a steady routine. If he's outside or out and about, it's easier to have him skip a nap.

"Tricks": So I don't think you should treat your child like a circus animal ;), but these are some of Uriah's "tricks" - He claps when you ask him to, when you say "yay!", or at the end of a song or book. He signs "more" and "all done" and we're working on "eat/hungry", "drink/thirsty", "please" and "thank you". He dances to all music (and it is the cutest thing!) He shakes his head 'no' when he's touching something or doing something he knows he's not supposed to, or when you say no. He gives kisses and 'loves' all the time, which is the sweetest! He says "momma", "dada", and "nana" (all directed at the appropriate people!) He points out everything saying "guh, guh!", but calls Stephen's helicopter the "caw caw", dogs "og!" and the guitar "gar!" He gives high fives and waves. When you say, "how big is Uriah?!" he'll spread his arms wide, and when you ask him how old he is, he'll hold up his finger, "one!"

Loves: Tossing, kicking and playing with balls and balloons. He loves playing peek-a-boo and chase and always laughs when getting tickled. He loves pulling out clothes from baskets of laundry and his dresser drawers - he'll carry them around and throw him over his head and wave them around - I have no idea what he's doing but it's super cute and fun to watch! He really loves his blanket and his stuffed monkey, "monkey", and is always looking for them, carrying them around and giving them "loves". He loves being outside walking and exploring or playing at the parks, even just in our arms watching the cars and people. He's really into reading books and having books read to him right now. He loves animals - in books or the ones on the sidewalk, he points and stares and starts babbling. He loves walking and exploring, but still loves being held and snuggled. Two of his favorite things are dad's guitar and remote control helicopter - he loves playing with those with Stephen! He loves bath time and naked time (because what little boy doesn't?!) and listening to and playing music.

Dislikes: Homeboy hates getting his pajamas or coat on, I think because he knows what each mean (going to bed and going outside) and he'd rather just be doing those things instead of getting ready to do them! He's not a fan of being in his highchair with no food on his tray, getting his diaper changed, or sitting still (for pictures!). He doesn't like getting in the stroller or car seat, though he loves them both once we're moving. And we've recently discovered with this stuffed up teething nose, that he hates getting his nose drained, though I don't blame him.

I can't believe my baby is one... He is truly such a joy in our lives! He is so sweet and tender hearted, but so very much a boy - so active and busy! I can't believe he's walking and babbling all the time, so independent! He is learning so fast, now, and it is so crazy and such a blessing to be with him each day witnessing it all! It can't possibly get better than this!

Uriah Michael, you have shaped our lives and our hearts more than I ever thought possible. Our love for you is indestructible and never ending, and we are so truly grateful that God gave you to us. I look at you and am amazed - we made that! You are such a handsome, loving, busy, silly little boy and we wish for you a full and joyous life. Today and every day, we love you! Happy birthday, Uriah!

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