Thursday, January 23, 2014

taking stock 003

So I said I was going to make this a monthly post, and then never managed to make it two months in a row... New year, guys! Maybe this time it will happen.

Making: plans.
Cooking: currently, nothing. though i do wish there were cookies in the oven.
Drinking: chocolate milk. and probably not enough water.
Reading: game of thrones - stephen and i's nightly ritual.
Wanting: just about everything on my pinterest "style" board right now. i'm purging my closet of all the things i say "no, i'll keep this. i'll wear it someday" about. well "someday" came and went about a year ago and i'm finally pulling them from my closet. and while it should maybe feel nice to have less hangers in my closet, i really just want to go shopping and replace everything i took out.
Looking: forward to my playdate this afternoon, a girls brunch on saturday, church on sunday...
Playing: chase, peek-a-boo, tickle, follow the leader... you name it, we're playing it.
Wasting: time caring about things that shouldn't matter. when will i learn?
Sewing: really, though, i should just delete this one.
Wishing: "that you believed in superstitions, then maybe you'd see the signs..." (it was the fist thing that popped into my head. i couldn't resist) ok. wishing for deeper friendships.
Enjoying: uriah at this age. walking, babbling, laughing, growing... i can see him learning, constantly, and it is such a joy to be apart of it.
Waiting: for baby to fall asleep. this round of teething hit him hard and he is hurting.
Liking: that my house is clean, my bed is made and the dishes are done all before morning nap. go me!
Wondering: what stephen is doing right now...
Loving: the said man in the line above. uriah had a rough night last night and stephen showered me with snuggles and kisses in bed this morning and then made sure i stayed in it as long as i could.
Hoping: for a warm (ish) sunny day so i can take uriah outside to play. it is his favorite and i am queen of the world in his eyes when i open that door. it's a win, win situation.
Marveling: at life. i mean really, though. do you ever just stop to think about it? whoa.
Needing: a shower. and a baby gate. and groceries.
Smelling: warm cinnamon vanilla scentys. worth every penny, dad, thanks! ;)
Wearing: a smile. baby fell asleep!
Following: my heart.
Noticing: a more set schedule around here. and i am welcoming it with open arms, as it seems to be working out pretty well for us.
Knowing: that one man's opinion is just that, an opinion. it doesn't mean truth.
Thinking: i could really use a cookie right about now... there really aren't any in the oven?
Feeling: good. happy. content.
Bookmarking: new blogs. fellow instagram/blogging mommas that i've come to adore.
Opening: my sock drawer. my feet are always freezing and i've refused to buy a pair of slippers since the death of charmouse and chartreuse. it just wouldn't be the same.
Giggling: over uriah's reaction to seeing nana's cats on facetime. we need a pet.
Feeling: ready.

^^ a completely unrelated picture, but you guys! those baby blues! i swoon ^^

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