Tuesday, August 16, 2016


June came and went, bringing with it's end our one year mark here in California. Last July? Was awful. For the longest time, when I thought of 2015 or summer or moving here, all I could conjure up was the first two weeks in July - Stephen's first night rotation, Uriah learning to crawl out of his crib, knowing no one and nothing, boxes, everywhere... I think our anniversary came and went without proper recognition (or any recognition at all). We've since reached a light at the end of the tunnel and it feels so far from that dreaded month (thankfully!) But still, without intentionally doing so, I think I wanted this July to, pardon my French, kick last July's ass. I wanted to prove to myself that summer here wasn't all bad. And?! It did! See for yourself! July, in pictures...

 ^^ It definitely helped that Stephen had weekends off the month of July ;) On the first Saturday of the month we headed down to Monterey. We spent hours at the aquarium, ate our way through the candy store and ended with a walk to the beach (where we found a giant sea slug that spewed purple poison...?!) It was a long, happy day! ^^

^^ Post church on a Sunday! Are my kids cuties or what!? ^^ 

^^ On the 4th, our little family headed to the hills for a hike! (Where the boys pretended to be mountain men exploring in the wilderness when they came across a poor lost lady that needed help! ...Adventures are always better with dad ;) That afternoon, Stephen and Uriah got a chance to go flying with a fellow physician! Uriah was left speechless in awe but talked about it for the next few days! ^^

 ^^ We did a lot of this, too! Lazy mornings, snacks on the couch and movies! ^^

^^ Lots of park dates in the month of July! I love getting to scope out new ones with new friends! ^^ 

^^ Berry picking with friends! We made it to the farm before the last of the season and it did not disappoint! It was a hot, hot day but the berries were yummy and the company was superb! Ezra's stained face is proof that she approved of the activity ;) ^^ 

^^ I could probably start an Instagram hashtag of all my 'Uriah and Ezra in a Costco shopping cart' pictures! ^^ 

^^ A Saturday train ride to the Sunnyvale Farmer's Market! We made a stop at the bookstore in downtown Palo Alto before catching the train and then read our books and snacked on our fresh fruits while waiting for the return train. It's a pretty regular activity we do around here (when dad gets a Saturday off!) and it always makes for the perfect morning out! ^^

^^ Post church chocolate muffins! Though I think they prefer donut Sunday, the first Sunday of the month, but I don't think either of them is complaining... ^^ 

^^ I don't actually use Snapchat for Snapchat purposes, just to see my nieces and entertain sleepy babies with silly filters! ^^ 

^^ Ezra's first pigtails!! Though Uriah didn't do them, both scenes made me tear up! (He loves to play with and comb my hair! To Uriah's future wife, you're welcome!) ^^ 

^^ A few more of those lazy days... Ezra's first block tower, my book worms reading for hours in their fort and post nap movies on the living room (when we got a new mattress) ^^ 

^^ Another weekend off, another adventure! This time we headed up north to the Marin Headlands. It was a foggy, cool morning, but beautiful none the less! We started at the Sea Mammal Rehabilitation Center, spent some time on the beach watching dolphins and collecting sea glass, hiked down to Point Bonita Lighthouse, explored Battery Mendell and filled our tummies at In-N-Out on our way home! It was a fully day, but it sure was a successful one! ^^

^^ More kitty jammies (Ezra's favorite!), more snack and more books! Sometimes these two like each other and always it makes my momma heart soar! ^^ 

^^ Our cousin Aleks got to visit for a day before heading up to Berkeley for a pre-medical school camp (basically he's a genius! And he was a total hit with the kids!) The brainiac and gymnast that he is just must attend college here, so it was fun to be able to show him around! (Basically I just followed him and Stephen around all day taking their pictures to send to his momma ;) ^^

^^ Our last July hoorah was an evening at one of Stanford's fountains. Who knew a college fountain was the perfect playdate?! We spent some time splashing in the sun and then walked home to pancakes for dinner. ^^

 Oh, and then we left for Hawaii...

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